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okie guys i know some of u guys have problems with shuffles me included. i was wondering if anyone has any tips, advice etc etc
regards mark
Hey, you gave some great advice on the other thread. I think you just need to practice on it. However, it's indeed truth that it's one thing to be able to play it, and another to make the shuffle feel good.
They say just imagine a horse galloping. :roll:

Just think play triplets without that extra tap. Keep practising on the hi-hat before you do anything else. Once you can play it then build up the speed until you can enjoy it.
Yes, the hihat part is easy to play, and it really opens up to possibilities. Shuffles are generally like what you said, triplets without the "and" counts. Its fun to play around with it too, like accents on the "ah" counts make the horse galloping sound like a railroad train. It's fun to play around with the shuffle rhythm as discussed in the other thread, it can be applied all over the drumset.

The difficult part isn't in playing the parts. Take the Rosanna shuffle for example, it's difficult to play it up to speed, but its even more difficult trying to make it feel like Porcaro's playing.

Hoo yeah!!!! Jeff Porcaro...

But you guys should really really check out Bernard Purdie at He's the dude that Jeff sorta "stole" the beat from to create the Rosanna.

And while u are there, check out his 16 notes shuffling thing. You cant imagine how much f***in bounce he has in his playing boy.

And if anyone of you drop by SoundMix, and if Wayne Gideon is there, kindly ask him to play that Rosanna shuffle. He grooves boy, punchy and his ghosts .... hiya go listen for yourself.

But other than notes to tell you how it is, the only way is to just practise and understand the groove behind it. Its been 4 months and my ghost notes are still not ghost enough. Start practising if you want to RRLRRLRRLRRL with the RR on the Highhats and the L slightly tapping on the snare.

One good song to feel a shuffle clear and simple is Alicia Key's If I aint got you... groove to that. You will notice the diff almost immediately if you play a 4/4 straight up.
hey cool man i will go check that groove out, yah wayne grooves like nobodies bussiness, his ghost notes feel damn nice loh. the soundmix studio happening right the atmosphere is damn nice.
Actually the sticking is RLR, which when put together is RLRRLRRLRRLRRLR

Anyway, good call on Purdie, the way he enjoys drumming so much very heartwarming and inspiring. I love that swish cymbal!