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Hi guys,

I'm Seth, currently working as classical teacher at Yamaha. Been playing since secondary school, I've always love music and hence decided to make a jump into music teaching after my stint as a regular in the SAF lol.

I'm holding an ABRSM grade 8 and also ABRSM theory grade 5. Planning to enroll into a music college here aka Lasalle or Nafa.( Any advice/ inputs will be helpful)

I play the electric guitar and still under instruction of a very good teacher, not too sure to quote his name as I suppose he likes his privacy, all I can say is he's a Berklee Grad. Learned so much from him and really nothing to describe my joy, my playing/knowledge really went up a lot.

I'm into progressive metal, DT Meshuggah etc, nowadays just pure pursue of improv. Gotta nail that somehow.

For classical I'm still studying under the best (IMO) in Singapore, he's been around for very long, won lots of competition, really good teacher and player, he's the head of guitar in Yamaha, again don think it's nice to quote his name here.

I'm looking for students for private teaching. I could get you to grade 8 ABRSM in classical, if you're a electric guy wanting to know about classical probably I could help you ease into classical but I'm not going to kid anyone, it's not that easy to read notations all of a sudden especially if you can play reasonable well already.

I've been teaching classical/fingerstyle since my army days probably 6 years now so I'm pretty alright in teaching, I get all sorts of students so it's ok if you can't practice lol.....

So ya that's all for intro( wa so long) haha

Hope there's some suggestions for NAFA/ Lasalle.

Thank you