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Hi guys, just wanna ask how you guys actually sit when you play the drums, namely the height. Do you sit high or low, or somewhere in between, and why? Sitting high makes me feel like i'm on top of the drums but sitting low makes me feel like i'm behind the drums if you know what i mean.

Thanks for any insight! :D
on the contrary, a lot of the drummers who sit high are quite short...
eg. Mike Portnoy, Simon Philips...
mike portnoy and simon phillips are short??? they look pretty huge to me... what is considered short? i'm 1.78m tall.
I tend to like having my snare just above my thigh, such that i can rimshot easily and not slap my thigh in the process.. to each his own, but with that height I notice that I tend to sit up straight more often cos if I slouch I tend to hit rimshots more often, or just hit the rim totally and miss the snare sound altogether..

Not the best description, but.. :lol:
hey man, i think if your a double pedal player you would prefer high stools, esp if its heel up. But have their plus points. Shorter seating helps to keep balance there easier. But yeah, i prefer high seating, it has soemthing to do with your pedal playing style i guess.
for me regardless of double pedals or not.. the height should be leveled high enough for your leg to be bent just above 90 degrees.
and then arrange ur kit from there, snare height, tom angles and hi hat height and angle. yup and for the snare i oso try to keep it just above my thigh .
this is because if it's too high. i'd have to swimg my hand more..
if it's just above my lap, i can just hold up my hand and let it fall to the snare naturally with a gravitation force :D , and that is also my natural rest position when i'm not doing anything with my left hand.
i am abt 1.71

SP and MP are both shorter than me..
So is Mike mangini, but i dun remember exactly how high he sits...
Hmm.. digging up an old thread here. but anyway..

If you watch the Liquid drum theater vids, MP actually sits very high up (ie. when his foot is fully down on the bass pedal, his knee is at a >90 degree ange (something like 120?). Anyway, i find that sitting higher does make it easier to play double bass pedals and also increases the amount of power of your stroke (since you have more leverage). Just my $0.02