school for music?


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anyone have any idea in singapore.. which school and what course is something like SAE's? heard one called isabelle or something?

and rougly how much the fee.. whats the course is abt etc?

i think more of audio recordin loh.. jobs prospects one.. no offence but being a full time musician in sg cant earn u much :wink: .. unless ur big and famous..

any recommend? dono whether it fits me or not.. cuz feel like quiting my ITE...
That's why they have places called Berklee and GIT for you to go establish a name for yourself full time.

being an audio engineer can be worse off than a gigging musician.

and SAE's at least 10K for a dip.

if you ask me, i'd say complete the ITE first(at least you can get a decent stable job out of it) and then pursue your musical interests.

in sg, that's neccessary. unless you live on air.

no la.. u dono my situation.. i ponteng so much till i think cannot get the cert anymore.. and i totally have no interest in it.. :wink:

any other school then SAE or not ah.. sae damn ex seh...
try La Salle SIA...i got rejected from their audio tech course!!!! :lol:

La Salle SIA also offers diploma in full time musicianship and what best is that you can choose your genre of specialisation (jazz , classical , world music etc).If not then u can go NAFA....

But these 2 schools need O level cert of L1 R4
because if i'm not wrong , SAE does not really look at certs to get in , as long as u have the $$$ , they will accept u in.... :lol:

so it's just like paying them 7k more from ur standard poly school fees for them to close one eye and let u in...
doubleblade.. what are you doing man? don't put down until likedat...

requirement for SAE is 4 O level passes.. if you don't have that - u will have to sit for tests and interview..

don't anyhow assume please.
btw.. the fees for lasalle and sae are quite similar..