scalloped guitar recommendation


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i need something around 1.5k with scalloped fretboard. yeah i love them, my 1st guitar was scalloped by myself and already got used to it, i cant do pull off properly without scalloped fretboard :( any recommendation? i wan something tat the scalloped fretboard came with it, not sending to the tech and scallop for me
your main options will either be a YJM strat... or a warmoth with custom specs ...with the neck scalloped... 1.5k is a good bet for a YJM second hand... if not warmoth might cost you abit more... cus the extra options are often too irresistable.. haha
:( i guess i juz order from ishibashi, the cheaper version of ywg one or maybe blackmore. if not i guess i just get a scalloped neck for my telecaster