Santana in Singapore...Any in favour??


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Hey man due to Sars Carlos Santana had to cancel his show here...well if Joe Satriani can make it this time to cover for tat unfortunate time, why not trying to bring Santana over...are there no any company who wants to bring Santana here to Singapore? LAMC? anyone??

Juz my thoughts...
Thank u very much
and Fatskunks are gonna be his groupie! we'll come in short skirts and hairy unshaven legs..wooooottt... :smt041 :smt060

note: not all of the above sentence is true. xcept for the groupie part..
yes yes i will also buy front row worth spend..haha..been waiting for years on when he will come here man...its been such a long time already.
i dont think so...eagle is damn ex...but if i am not wrong..during e sars period when Santana was suppose to come, the price was reasonable..i mean not cheap but yet not as ex as eagle..but sorry cant remember exactly..
Who is agent for Santana's music here? Any possiblity LAMC will do the show? Sure make money because you'll have the young crowd and the old ones as well.
young and old

the young ones go for 'Smooth'

and the senior crowd go for 'Black magic woman'

wondering who is on the keyboard chair ?