REpair places for kb


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anbody noes where got place that repair keyboards...thinking of asking sam at weelee aljunied...

.i noe for batts have to visit the original merchant again but i seriously dun think the guys at music plaza noes how to change SY 35 batts....and the guys at swee lee..well,,they dunt realli have "keyboard plp" there...i wun say more lar..confirm no point looking for far i think only the "KORG guys"(no pun intended) at korg noes their stuff.....but anyboday noes if they charge for repairs.?..i mean if say warranty over lar

and i think theres a loose circuit in my SY 35!! OMG..i can hear some small metal piece ball running about loose inside like a mouse when i switch my upper/lower decks..arrrgghhhhh
I still think you should try Music Plaza for Yamaha keyboards. Does your SY35 still works? Is it just the loose sound?
yup my sy 35 works find..i tink i abit vague..i meant that prob some part of the circuit was loose ..i hear a small metal part running loose inside...think pinball...

okie..hopefully the yamaha guys noe how to fix it..thankikx!