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hi there,

my room is gonna renovate soon. sadly, i don' have luxury of a seperate room for my jamming n basic recording purpose. i too don't think my mum will allow me to spend 10k just to make my room total sound proof. 24/7 aircon is simply too much to handle! :D

i was thinking about adding a layer of material such as rockwool under my new flooring. most prob its gonna be a wood parquet.(opps if i spelled tat wrongly). i also wish to add in another layer of windows. the problem for my window is, it is a typical sliding window by hdb. can i really double gaze it ?

are there other factors that i need to watch out for or add in for my renovations? a room in a room, double walls, are too unrealistic for me to handle. remember this is a bedroom studio! tell me some major DIY stuffs that i can do during the renovations too!

what will be the ending results!? hopefully i can post pics of my room being done soon. thanks for replying! :p
i think it would be easier to use headphone to jam in this case. gonna have a drum? if yes, then use electronic drum. expensive but that's the only way to go.
sliding window can be quite loud outside, if possible change to casement windows which is more airtight, not much sound is leaked out as compared to sliding windows....
i changed the whole window from casement to sliding due to hdb ruling.... now when my family members in the toilet can hear me drumming quite loud as compared to before the change . not to say my neighbours upstairs and below.....
if possible change to casement windows but use steel rivets which is approved by hdb and bca.
jus my 2 cents worth :wink:
ya also my flooring is carpeted,,, the carpet is about 1/2 inch thick, the fluffy kind and beneath the carpet1/2 inch of rubber , the rubber is needed so the carpet can gum to the cement or whatever florring you have.
the main issue is still the window.... sound leaks out from there....
for windows, use gasket to seal all the sides. Put foams, etc. on the windows themselves.

Then drape with super heavy curtain, the heaviest, thickest thing you can find, like those in auditoriums.

Guala. Sound will not leak out so much now through windows or vv.

If you want aesthetics, then whatever you do, just make it 'portable'. Eg. portable foam, portable curtains. Use your imagination.
went to drum resources just now.nigel just brought in some soundproofing stuff.check it out.even he himelf regrets spending that 10k...