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Any1 knows where i can get Remo weatherking ebony ambassador drum heads in SG? sweelee doesnt have em. i spoke to Nigel of Drum resources. he doesnt have stock.. any1 knows where i can get it? appreciate
have you tried swee lee. as in actually go down and physically check?

i had the same situation as you, looking for remo drum heads. Swee lee, with their ever efficent service, told me they didnt have any, i had to order. which, btw, they said would take 6 months(!) to ship... go figure.

anyways, couple of days later, my collegue goes down to swee lee to get something else, and guess what he finds?

no prizes for guessing.
yeah loh. swee lee is very "helpful". and i did go down and check. i mean i've been going down once every 2 weeks just in case but still nothing. and i asked them about ordering. they said that it CANT be done. sigh swee lee.. i was looking for skins with very bright tones. so i was recommended Ebony ambassador or evans black resonant. checked at Yamaha also. They dun have. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why the situation in SG like that!?!!!?!?!?!?!
Yes, I don't understand that too. Coated amb is the "staple" drumhead that is tried and tested. You can't go wrong with a coated amb over clear amb combo.

But sweelee insists on stocking up the pinstripes instead. Which aren't that bad, but yes, those are some THICK heads which rob a lot of tone.

Go for the Evan's equivalent, the G1 coated.
i dunno, i just switched to evans cause i just cldn't get any remo heads. the swee lee ones are kinda old and worn looking so well.........g2's for me man, the coated one sound abit better to me. and i find ambass heads too inconsistent for my liking for some reason man. ambass are really good for snares though. the power reverse dot by evans is pretty good too. the reverse dot lets u play brushes on top without snagging the indents so thats always good.

Have you tried ordering from an online store? A lot of music stores in the US don't deliver to Singapore, but now we can do so by using vPostUSA. Basically, you place the order and enter a US address of our Singapore Post affliate (somewhere in California, I think). Once the store delivers the item to the US address, vPostUSA will notify you to make payment for the delivery charges. I haven't paid more than $12 in postage evey time I use the service. You can get more information from Also check out this service called vConcierge.

Some Australian online stores deliver to Singapore, though I haven't had much experience there...

All the best in your search.

hey guys i was just wondering, i dont knwo much bout theory on gear.

Whats the term G1/2 - mean? What difference is there? Im planning to change skins for my drums and thought i'd get to know more before actually putting the money down to it. thanks.
You can get more information from

hey man i signed up for the account.

Hows payment like? thru credit card? cos i sure as hell dotn got one.

Ive checked all the sites on their 'shopping lists' tab and couldnt find really much anything on drums. You bought on other sites and have that vConcierge get you the stuff? Is it really that trustable?
davenoy said:
hey guys i was just wondering, i dont knwo much bout theory on gear..

if im not wrong its the plies...

G1s being 1 plies and G2s being...u noe... :lol:

PS: its 5 o clock ( and a half )...and happy sahur-ing to muslims :D
blurred said:
i dunno, i just switched to evans cause i just cldn't get any remo heads. the swee lee ones are kinda old and worn looking so well.........g2's for me man, the coated one sound abit better to me.quote]

Where can you find G2's in Singapore? Ranking has run out of them and Yamaha ones are overpriced.

And yeah, Ambassadors are really inconsistent these days. Evans poured tons of cash into their R&D in consistency and it shows. I personally use a Power Center Reverse Dot for my Snare batter head, and a Hazy 300 for the snare side.
davenoy said:
Hows payment like? thru credit card? cos i sure as hell dotn got one.

Apologies that this message is a bit off the subject of the REMO Emperors, but here's my reply anyway...

Firstly, I don't buy from vPostUSA's shopping list. Cuz they definitely don't cater for specialist shoppers like us ':wink:' I do a fair bit of online shopping for rare music CD's, books and music scores. For drum stuff, I usually go direct to an online drum store or music store (you can Google those). And if they don't deliver direct to Singapore via DHL, or FEDEX, then I use vPostUSA. It's very reliable, and really quite cheap compared to DHL or FEDEX all the way from USA to Spore. Also when my order is sent to a US address, sometimes, the shipping from the US store to the vPost US address is free. The delivery isn't so long either.

As for vPostUSA payment, I usually choose credit card, but I can also pay by GIRO-on-demand, which I just applied for on vPost's site and am waiting for approval. Basically it's like NETS, but online, it deducts money from my bank account.

There may be another possibility... If you have like VISA Electron, which is a Debit Card and not a Credit Card, that also deducts money from your bank account, but because it's branded by VISA, it's usually acceptable by all VISA merchants. But I'm not entirely certain on this point ok? ':?'

I've not actually tried using vConcierge. But the concept is quite interesting. Because I've run into some problems with some online stores that don't accept credit cards from overseas. In those cases, if I really need the stuff that they sell, I end up having to call the store direct and place my order. Now with vConcierge, I may not have to go to those lengths.

vPost should pay me for all this free advertising hor? ':wink:'

haha. thanks for all the info. dude. u said u use the hazy 300. where did u get those man? (i was looking for a drum head with bright tone and high sustain)
sighh.. ebony amb - dun have
evans black resonant - dun have
smooth white diplomat - dun have
fibreskyn 3 FD - dun have
all the skins i want all dun have... sigh sigh and super sigh.. any1 knows any other brands? skins with bright tone, high sustain/resonance?
Hey TerKid,

what sizes you need?

I have:

1 new Ebony 16",
1 new Fiberskyn-3 12"
1 not-too-used Fiberskyn-3 10"
1 used Fiberskyn-3 14"

You want?

I took out my Fiberskyns and replaced them with Remo Renaissance. I liked the old-time bebop sound it gave. Then I switched to Evans Hydraulics when I started playing more R&B and pop. The Evans site says that G2's are bright and resonant.

Have you checked Swee Lee for Renaissance heads? Those have long sustain, and can be rather bright. If I'm not mistaken, I thought I saw some when I was there last week. Renaissance are a bit more expensive though...


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