Recording "What U hear"


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Im trying to do this on my computer...I have a M-Audio Audiophile 192. I have a program to do, but when I record, there is no sound. I have Altec Lansing speakers going into "In L" and "In R" on the break out cables on the sound card, but still no sound. Also cannot "export" midi files in to wav...just becomes a blank sound file. Anyone help? All volumes are up..
M-Audio stuff...try going to control panel. click on the M-Audio icon, and set the ins and outs to the product you bought. The speakers should be connected to the OUTs L and R shouldn't it? I mean. the speakers are used for your monitoring rite? The Audiophile provides a breakout box for you to connect 1/4 inch connectors for inputs, no? That should be your input, i reckon. Dunno about the midi to wav part. Maybe you can tell us the name of the program you're using?
sorry thats what i meant, thay are in the out. ITs with various programs.. In the control panel the settings for In/Out stuff is greyed out..