Recording onto a Computer


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Hi people, just a question here. How can I record my riffs onto my computer? i.e What additional equipment would I need for it?
well actually u cld just connect ur guitar into any pedal then connect it straight into your coms soundcard. the quality isnt perfect, but its gd enuf for home recording for fun n all that. either this or u can go and buy a line6 guitar port, or an m-audio fasttrack or m-audio firewire solo. these equipments are quite gd for recording riffs. they come wif cd's for the sound programme if im not wrong. its up to u which one u wanna buy yea, u cld get em at city music or sinamex electronics down at peace centre and parklane. check out the speces here
Hi guys. Ok, my friend wants to start recording his stuffs in his pc. He has a P4 pc and a cubase software. What other things does he needs to get things going? Cables? Jack? Additional softwares? Thanx.

as long as he can get the signal into the computer, i think that's about all he needs.