recommendations needed....again


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Help guys, I'm severely gass-ing. I need a good compressor and a good chorus to try out. Your advice would be very much appreciated.

P.S: would heavy distortion sound good with chorus? I wouldn't know, never tried it out.
what's ur budget like?

if u're rich u can get a keeley compressor. strangely i've heard & tried one b4... not sure if it's that specific one, but it does color ur tone. in a nice way though! :D it does sound substantially different from say, a Boss CS3.

if what randolf claims to mod is true, maybe you can go try out his Dyna/Ross comp mod for CS3 too.

Chorus - u can try the Boss Super Chorus. It's not those natural sounding chorus as the amount of Chorus as u turn it up it very close to the flanging range. Personally I like it better than milder sounding chorus effects.
thanks guys for your input once again! I will definitely bear them in mind.
Any more recommendations for a compressor and a mild chorus?
an affordable chorus in the market would be Ibanez's CF-7, well, you get a flanger in there as well- value for $$$ 8)