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Dimebag squealing lesson!

G3 Jam w/ Petrucci
just click on the link in the first post.

here's a dude totally pwning Scarified... http://www.andyjames.org.uk/Video_02.mpg

here's some wanking from the same guy, but damn, is he a good wanker

You ain't seen two-handed tapping till you've seen this! OMG

and here's the powertab of Scarified...
This version(what Paul plays now) is so much easier than the old one! That one had sweeps all over the place and pissed me off till no end.

That's all folks!
The 2 handed tapping thing reminds me of this guy called Onethataps when guitarbattle was around... he never learnt to pick properly.. started with 2 handed tapping when he picked up the guitar... amazing stuff...

Yet to check out the rest!
wOW!!! this is the first time i saw three ppl soloing togethere at the same time but playing diff riffs .. coolnesss :smt096
Methinks you need someone to show it to you... Dimebag did a good job explaining.... :)

Basically, pick an open string (pick is hard!), then dive bomb... then as the string flaps around, lightly touch it at a harmonic sweet spot (e.g. 5th fret), the moment the harmonic sounds, bring it back up to pitch quick to preserve the string vibrations. Thats it.
oh... so its doing it with an open string!!!

lol i thought he was fretting as his index fingers were in a weird position... and i was wondering how the hell he fret and release and tap harmonic at the same time...

i see... so its dive bomb ah? not pulling the bar up?
I'm starting to think floyd rose guitars are kinda useless unless you're into real crazy soloing stuff ... I mean even Metal stuff like metallica and all don't really need a trem ... In fact i have a trem but don't use it ... If you want the thing to stay in tune, use a locking trem ...
is there a way to keep the guitars without locking trem in tune when using the tremolo unit?

use smoother sadles and nuts? wind strings around tuning posts more times?
Get a well lubricated nut. Or a graptech nut.

Winding strings more times around tuners?!?! Who gave you that idea?! It adds more instability due to the excess string wraps which are not stretched yet.

Yes, get a floyd if you really into whammy stuff... otherwise, stay away from it.. or you will be complaining like hell. :)