Questions regarding GHS and DR strings


New member
Hello people, I've been looking through the forums for string suggestions and I've narrowed down my search to GHS and DR strings (may or may not be coated. Depends on how deep my pocket is). I've got a few questions about them, so if you've used them before, please help me out.

1)Which strings has better sustain?

2)Are there "Jumbo packs" (like a box of 10?) for these strings? Where can I get those, and how are the prices?

3)For someone who wants a neutral (not too bright nor mellow) string, which strings in particular should I get?

And for the GHS users, is there a large difference between the normal and sub-zero boomers? Apart from the sub-zeros being "cooler"? (bleah, bad joke :p)

Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.