PS2 Gamers!


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Hey.. any PS2 gamers out there? Or whatever gamer you are.. What games are your favs.. Have been watching my brother play, Resident Evil 4.. trust me.. it's damn damn great.

My all time fav games are: Grand theif auto, Harvest Moon, Dino Crisis, Pyschonauts and Final Fantasy 7
ya part-time ps2 gamer here :twisted:

fav games..hmm..too many...what i just played recently..

Ultimate Spiderman
Genji : Dawn of the Samurai
X-men Legends 2 : Rise of Apocalypse
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks
Shadow of Colossus
Devil Kings
Burnout Revenge
Marvel Nemesis : Rise of the Imperfects

Favs would be;.. Dino Crisis 2, Resident Evil 2 & 3, Devil May Cry series, Digimon World 2, Manhunt (ownage game), X-Men Legens 1 & 2, Genji, Spiderman 2 The Movie, TMNT series (cus my sister plays with me) WWE Smackdown series (cus my sister plays once agian) FFX, THRILL KILL (ownage game) and Batman Begins and who can forget... GOD OF WAR (ownage game as well) more..these just top of my head..


I play it whenever I'm bored, which is quite often. ahahahahahah :lol:
hmm...heres the list of games i playing now

NBA Live 06
FIFA 2006
Radiata Story(just complete...going to play again cos it has a 2 part story)
X Men legend 2
Marvel Nemesis : The Rise Of The Imperfects
Ultimate Spider-Man

as for my all time fav ah...

gotta be FFX and FFX-2...Star ocean...Fatal Frame 1 and 2(3 is coming out real soon)
Wah!!! PS2 gamers unite!!

My fav game:
1) God Of War
2) GTA San Andreas
3) Drakengard
4) Hitman Contracts
5) Mercenaries
6) Fifa Street
7) Killzone


8) Death By Degrees
I don't own a PS2, but one game is enough to keep me and my mates engrossed all day and night.

yeah. winning eleven rules. fifa street too. i like final fantasy. especially 8 and 10. yeap.. ps2 rocks.

me and my friends always play WE while staying over at people's houses or at chalets during class gatherings or whatnot. Haha.

Let's have a WE tourney during the SOFT meeting. Be anti-social and play WE through the day! Ok just joking :lol:
haha...i love both fifa and winning eleven...both very cool games...we can held a SOFT winning eleven competition...i will join for sure
my favourite are fantasy series
2.gta series
3.kingdom hearts
5.winning eleven
7.god of war
8.devil may cry

and more i forgot

i am going to buy RE4 soon i think..
of cos is *ahem* la...haha...if nt where got so many games in my collection..haha...if u guys wan..i can lent u all some prob
hahaha i love the gameshop near my place it has been there for quite long already.. others just keep getting busted. but only sells ps2 and xbox games though, hardly can find any shops selling pc games nowadays..
My friends and I split costs to buy many controllers and multi tab. Then we would put everything into a laptop bag. So whenever there are chalets or any gatherings, we'd bring everything along. Even for Chinese New Year house visiting, we'd be plugging in and playing Winning Eleven at every house we visit! hahahaaa