Project:Music Paradise


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hello i am a music lover and i am making a proposal regarding music.
The music paradise have:
Fast food outlet for empty stomach
Jam rooms for diff genre
Cloth and instrument shop for selected genre
service for gigs,perfomance and also servising

All the pricing is very affordable.
mainly for youth,adults and also the OLD-Timers

If u think its a great idea,do drop ur name and ur feedbacks...

thanks everyone :D

ok im doing a business project on it and maybe can...the thing is tat can u find this in sg?the closest is the Esplanade.and also im confident tat if ever it happens it will be a sucess...dont u tink?
Gummy_BeaR, just to confirm. is this a commercial project or government project OR school-work project?
do you have an estimated overall budget?

the last time i work out something came close to 2 million dollars for 3 years (initial investment and day-day operation). commercially, it will not be able to sustain. it will need loads of grant/funding.

what competition is it?
I think it's a great idea...I can picture that it'll look something like Excelsior...only that there's the jamming studios and stuff, but it's an awesome idea. I think the location of this paradise is a really important factor too.
well...if the finally proposal is good and u can get sponsors or funding...i think it might be a hit here...personally i like the idea of combining various different business opportunity into one...

good luck for the competition...hope u will win and get some money to start this buiness...hahaha
ya, normally this kind of thing, end up rental very high, so outlets in it gotta price their goods/services very high, n in the end, whole thing collapse. :? one example of a themed area which ended up like that is Pet Safari in simei, started out a great idea, like a "pet paradise", but rental freakin high, then the outlets inside no choice, must price their things at more than 4times the usual price outside, so in the end, its not bustling the way it should be, n many tenants left after running out of cash.
many will say they will support the place when it happens, etc... just like carebears always say they will buy the local albums when the local bands release them(not before raving them), but how many actually really support it?

I get a lot of promo CDs from the acts for interviews and reviews for the web-zine. If I dun do the album review/ interview myself which I pass the promo copies over to the writer, I go out to get my own copy of the act itself. Mind you, I don't buy them at gigs at times though they are cheaper.

For those acts distributed under Universal Music like Ronin, Electrico, The Observatory and Lunarin, if you can afford 2 or 3 dollars more, please buy their albums at Gramophone and Sembawang. Let the retailers know that there's such a market. When they see that, the confidence in stocking up Singapore CDs will be higher AND you don't have always to go to Roxy to buy the CDs. Cuz you can buy them off your neighbourhood Sembawang outlet!


But then, who really buys local albums anyway?

but hay,its a proposal and if it happens,it'll b great...and also,the location is mayb at youth and musician infested place...but any othe comment?
its a great idea but like what soft said, its gonna take more than just saying.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.honestly i think it wont come to pass cause of funding.unless ur super rich and willing to fork out thousands of dollars la.jus a gig with rental and all can cost around 1.5k.what more a music paradise?
I think the idea is already in the New Youth Park proposal, but good thinking. Keep up with forward thinking and don't let detractors hold you back. How will you competition be judge? On the uniqueness of the idea or on how well you present your business plan?
wow that will be paradise for me

im a music lover and a guitarist myself so that'll be great! hope everything goes well for the proposal! :wink:
This actually might be a dream come true to all musicians out there...It will be good if it really worked out!!..Wish ya all the best!!...