price of e-kits


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hello everybody,

hope that u guys can help me on this. i'm looking for the prices of the e-kits like TD-6 and TD-8.. anyone been to swee lee recently?
haha ur right sorry yanoe.. swee lee how they work like watevers on the tag is be4 the 20% "discount" they give.. so like if my math dose not do me wrong its abt wat u said..
no prob dude.. me keen on the TD-8.. but not too sure if they are coming out with a new replacement of the TD-8. and new entry kits?!!!
i heard yamaha coming out with one new Dtxplorer.. to fight with td-3.
i guess sooner or later they will things in the market are always changing i heard there is this pacific e-kit that goes for only 250 but i heard it really really sucks too waahahaha
no problem.. oh! didn't know that's ur kit cos i didn't notice ur nick there. nice kit btw. wanted to ask if u stayed in HDB.. read on and u stay landed. haix..
anyway, drum on!