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i'm looking for a power supply which is suitable for, if not all, most types of pedals. (BOSS, Digitech, Korg etc etc). i had the voodoo lab power pedal 2 in mind but does anyone here knows where i can get it or maybe some other power supply? thanks.
The 1-Spot provides 9v and a huge ass amount of current, so you can power a lot of pedals. This being said, it doesn't protect from ground looping which may or may not cause some noise depending on your set up and number of pedals. So far I have not had any issues with noise using the 1-Spot.

Some pedals run on different voltages, though very few.

You can get the 1-Spot at Guitar77 or from MrMisse (www.mrmisse.com)
Interestingly this is how most gear forums work.

The advantage is that these questions help keep the forum alive.

The other advantage is sometimes there are new devices invented and sometimes people who never posted in the old thread can put in their 2 cents too.

I think a good mix of search and ask again is fine. Just don't ask a question that's been asked like 5 times the last month or something like that.
hope you guys dun mind me asking...

How does the 1spot daisy chain compare to the cheap daisy chain at Davis ?
just the daisy chain, i've already got the 1spot adaptor ~
oh ... other den the length ...~
Other than length, the heads are angled, so it helps when you got your pedals crammed together.

Btw, the length is a BIG plus... its like 1m between heads.
wow ...~!

Anyways ...
i actaully noticed that the 1spot daisy chain has an extra wire running on top of the "connectors" to the pedal ... whereas the cheap daisy chain ... 1 linked to the next ...
so i was kinda wondering wat the extra wire was for ...
to distribute the current evenly ???

has anyone done a test on both 1spot daisychain and cheap daisy chain ?