Pop Piano/Keyboard lesson In Singapore

Ah Qing1988

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Hi ,I'm Joseph Lim,Singaporean male age 29,former legal busker and Gig/Open Mic Performer.Come to learn Piano Solo, Sing and Play.Contact,
Whatsapp/SMS or Call me at 92702857 for any enquiries about the course.
Join me to,
-Geography of the Piano/Keyboard
-Improve your sight reading
-Read Chords Symbol without Chord books or introduce to each or few chords lesson by lesson.
-How to combine both hand for Piano Solo, a step by step approach.
-Music theory
-Basic Piano Course (Using a Piano Course Book)
-Piano technique
-Keyboard function (For those using keyboard to learn.)
-Play by ear using Chords and lyrics which is easy available on the internet.

Go to my Facebook link to see my course detail, https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1089311017815817&id=762763370470585
My link of my Piano solo Cover,
Thanks you for reading and have a good day ahead.