pickups recommendations


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after much thinking i decided tat i will rather change pickups for my aria stg003 instead of gettin a new guit . i am looking for a more richer powerful more overdrive sound but i have no clues abt wad pickups i shud use. Is anyone kind enough to guide me along and give me their views. Thanks
hmm, it depends on what kind of overdrive sound u want, for some nice sweet tone, maybe Seymour Duncan alnicoIIs? u'll want to go to www.seymourduncan.com and listen to the sound clips of the pickup first though, as u gotta make sure u like the sound first ^^
only 3 ways for your choise..Seymour Duncan , dimarzio, EMG...you can find the informations in gain 10 company website or davids...you can try SH1 or Sh 4 or SH 6 of Seymour Duncan...have fun !!! :oops: :oops: