Pickup problem.


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Hi I've just got my pickups replaced today. SD 59 on neck n JB on bridge. Sustain was poor on the high E string especially high frets. When i bend the high E on >19th fret there's almost no sustain. What could be casuing this? I've adjusted the height quite high but it's only a little bit better.
did you get the shop to do it for you or did you DIY?

My suspect could be wiring error. Firstly is the sound weaker than before you changed the pickup?? is the sound thin like lack body and punch? if so, check your wiring.

other possibility, is that your previous pickups have higher outputs than the current ones, but i not think that likely.

send it back if you got the shop to do it for you to check with the tech.
I guess you could determine if its the pup's fault or a setup fault if you play the guitar acoustically. If acosutically, the sustain cuts off, it might be setup more than the pups.
I got it done by a tech. Yah it sounds weaker than b4 that's y i don know wat's going on.. Everything was going fine until the pickup change and the sustain is fine when played accoustically..