Pickup Guard?


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Hey Peeps,

juz wondering, is there such i thing called a pickup guard?

as in it protex the pups frm the rust frm the the strings and from scratches and stuff?

if there is, can anyone gif some info pls?


u can use a pickup cover to get the protection.. but IMO, i find u get less harmonic response if u use pickup covers :D
yes actually datz wat i meant! i meant to protect the "body" of the PUPS!

the metal pins that pick up the strings vibration hv to be exposed!
You could buy that sticker thingy that exposes the poles but the plastic is covered .. The one if you want to change pup color without the fuss .. had the thread here awhile back ..
Those are called Bobbins.

www.universaljems.com Under bobbins.

You can also consider a plastic cover, but thats kind of cheesy looking lah. :)

Nickle/Gold covers ala Gibson, also can, but those alter tone,.. knocks off some precense and gives a warmer tone. Note, you must repot the pup in wax when you solder the cover on.
hey Shred,

thanx for the info!

Appreciate it! Still waitng for my PayPal Verification!

ecxited to order my guitar pickups from Eric!