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Ok, I've been reading about different approaches to picking and I'm starting to wonder whether or not I'm using the best one... Firstly, should I anchor my picking hand (e.g. John Petrucci and Yngwie Malmsteen) or should I let it float (e.g. Paul Gilbert). Which is the best approach and the most correct method? Also, should I pick with my wrist (e.g. Paul Gilbert) or with my fingers (circular picking). Which is the best technique for having the most control over dynamics and tone? What would allow me to develop the most speed without sacrificing tone? Thanks in advance, Sid.
there's no such thign as proper, just personal

i rest my fingers on the pickguard, makes me more secure, and i pick with my wrist.

some ppl rest their hand on the bridge, some float it, some pick with their arm, some pick with their fingers. doesnt matter man, so long it's comfy and nice
agree with tany... no clear cut approach as which is best.

personally i like a blues approach with a lot of focus on picking dynamics. that's why i try to shun compression... the overdrive on the amp itself already compresses the sound a bit.
You need to find what is best for you. You want to choose a way that will not hinder your playing abilities. There are good players out there that have horrible technique when you look at it from a "trained" perspective. But, it works for them and they do things really well, so who really cares.