Picking..HELP PLS!!!


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Hey guys..

I'm currently trying to improve my alternate picking in terms of clarity of sound and speed

However..i tend to develop a muscle ache around my elbow area or just slightly below it..the ache is contained around a small area though..

Am i doing it wrong or am i too tensed?

Feedback would be much appreciated!

Oh..and btw..is there a 'suitable' grip of the pick for such situations?

Maybe you're just too tensed. Maybe you could try another posture, guitar on the left leg, much like a classical player. It can be more relaxing for your upper arm. Pick slowly and clearly and slowly accelerate when you feel comfortable.
for me, i put my pinky on the pickguard so that the hand stays in a position so when i pick, i dont get tired...
It will get over by time :) the best thing is when you play alternate pick follow the instruction of the picking position ... Just follow .. Later on it will be natural
The muscles that do the picking are not yet well developed for the job which means practice again and again:O) However you need to stop to let the muscles recuperate.