Pearl Forum Custom Painted Drum Set


Selling a 7 year old poplar shelled kit. Condition still good (7/10). Comes with Tama Iron Cobra Jr Double pedal (condition 6/10). Not looking to sell it separately.

I customized the color to black and yellow. You won't find the same set anywhere else.

Set includes:

All Remo Ambassador Skin.
10" Hi Tom
12" mid Tom
14" snare
14" Floor Tom
20" Bass
Hi Hat Stand + stock 14" hi hat cymbals
Straight Cymbal stand + stock 16" crash cymbal
Boom cymbal stand + stock 20" ride cymbal
Tama Iron cobra Jr Double Pedal
Drum throne (seat)
Bonus*** 4x drum mufflers
Drum sticks

Bass drum is slightly smaller at 20". It makes it abit more tolerable if u play in HDB setting. Great sound for all genres. Suitable for beginners to intermediate players. Check out (note that I'm using other cymbals, not the stock ones)

Selling at $850.

Add $50 for delivery or pick up on your own

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