Parts For Sale


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Good day everyone
I am clearing selling cheap parts as have given up hobby. Items listed are selling as is conditions are good priced to go
1.bass body routed jazz -$35
2.Bass body routed precision -$35
Note finishing on both not as pleasing
3.Bass neck ×2 -$40 each
Will include machine heads
4.Generic jazzbass pickups -$15
5.Jazzbass control plate and knob and pickguard -$15
Note no hardware for pbass
6.Bridge vintage style -$8
7.Bridge high mass -$10
8.Light weight 2x2 tuners $12
9.lightweight 4inline tuners $12
10.String tree ×2 $4each
11.Fender style Guitar neck with abalone inlays -$38
12. Guitar pickguard SSS x1 SSHx1 $10 each take both $15
Any enquiries WA 90811470
For pics or come to Marsiling can deal for better price
Thank you God Bless