P90 Players & Their Thoughts

calibre2001 said:
How about recommending some essential tunes where the signature sound of P90s are there?

Can't point you to specific tunes but here are a few things to check out:

1) Will Ray with the hellecasters or solo
2) 50s-60s Jazz
3) Sanatana During his Woodstock era

that's not exactly a P-90 pickup in Will's guitar, it's more of a jazzmaster-type unit, which is Fender's answer to the P-90... nevertheless, it sounds FAT & intimidating...
Can't think of any specific P90 player ... only The Edge comes to mind but he plays lots of guitars.

Anyhow, here are some links with sound files of P90s.

These are P90s samples mixed with multi-effects.


Both links are of the P94 pickup; basically a P90 fitted for humbucker slot use. I thought the 2nd link with the clean tone was quite an accurate reproduction of the P90 on a Gibson. YMMV.

http://www.ampcast.com/music/7172/music.php Sroll down to the clip titled Clean DI P90s. Another clip of the P90s clean tone.
of course, i've totally forgotten Joe Satriani... in his self-titled 'red' album, Joe played this wrapover bridge + p-90 equipped Ibanez, the JS-700...

hmm...i heard so much about P-90s and always tot its just a pickup model....are they single coils or humbuckers?
single coils... before the humbucker was invented, Gibson guitars had these units in them, some of the models still do.
hofner said:
hmm...i heard so much about P-90s and always tot its just a pickup model....are they single coils or humbuckers?

Single coils that sound fatter. They are apparently quite popular stateside.
I have a friend who finds them too rubber band sounding, and had them replaced. That's the only bad comment i've heard to date.

I personally like their authentic tone. Classy and sweet.
hofner said:
any downsides of the P-90?

There was a time I was into humbuckers many years ago.

I tried a LP with P90s then and for a humbucker player, I couldn't accept them given that it didn't compress under gain like humbuckers do.

The P90s sound thinner and more open and if you dont play well, the P90s dont hide any of your playing flaws.

I'm into SCs nowadays so I sport a different view these days.

Don't venture into these unless you have time to play one beforehand. You'll know whether you like them in the first couple of minutes.