OM: Something i found

how long do you you people need to reach such standard.
Cuz try as i might,i could never get better(faster).
Can anybody tell me how to play scales faster :?:
What do you do to reach such standards ???
I think that proper criticism includes a summary of the music. Which part is good? Which part is bad? Which part should be changed, and how? Perhaps why as well.

Normally criticism given this way will be received with an open mind, although the receiver may not react to the criticism. It is up to him what he decides to do.

You can't say that only techno is music, or that only classical is true music, or that jazz is the only kind of music that is supposed to exist, or that everybody should listen to fusion. Different people like it differently.

Experimentation and change is good, yes. It lets the brain create more ways of expressing ourselves through music. Music usually is a form of communication, and some other times expression. Or we can say that music is for enjoyment, for other purposes as well.

If we can communicate, express, enjoy, and fulfil our purposes and perhaps that of some others through the music that we create, that piece of music would be considered successful already. How big the success, that, is another matter.
soft is infested with guitarists and guitarers.
so dhalif gets away with it easy.

imagine every other drummer coming up with boom cha boomboom cha OMs, with occasional crashes left right offtime. flam wars galore man.

still, the stuff dhalif puts up serves the community here well.

i find rearrangements (the stuff i do) enticing, challenging and more wow-ing, but the crowd here differs, so amen to that.

bottom line: we have opinions, they have opinions, we keep ours, they keep theirs, we appreciate their music and hope they appreciate ours.
Dhalif is good at what he does. Anyway he is still very young, let give him a few more years to explore other genres that might interest him.

Who want to be a guitarist that is Jack of all trades, master of none...right? :D
I have edited/deleted about 10 post in this thread which are personal attack rather than focusing on the music. I really dont need these extra work.