OM: Siam Shade - Triptych (Instrumental)

whoa-ah! nice! ^^ aside from fluency, imho, u're good to go :D its wicked :twisted: \m/

btw, u played with the mp3 running in the background? :D

Thanx for ur reply! I didn't play along with the original music. I recorded the rhythm guitar as well...
Great to see another SS fan around here. Anyway did u used delay from 1:24 to 1:36 in the track? Same comments, need more work on the fluency and transitions but all in all a nice try
hii there dude,

the song is hard, seen my guitarist cry over it. but u gotta have tt timing nailed down the next time. on the hi note, ur tone is pretty gd.

but tt sure can be done, cuz my guitarist stopped crying oledi..hehe..
wowww!!! the 2nd track i heard tday. hmmmmmmm.... makes me want to stop playing! hahahahhhaha! sounds goooooooddddd...
Thanx all for the feedback.

edo83: That part is all alternate picking. Hey if I remember correctly, u're in a SS cover band right? Let me know when u all performing!

fely: Yep there are a few parts I didn't get quite right. I was too tired of re-recording over and over again lol! Also wanted to learn more about home recording and production. Thanx for listening.

echo: Glad you liked it! Cheers