OM: Saturday Night With Nothing To Do.


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I had nothing to do during my weekend. With finals coming up and all I decided it would be a good time to just let some backing track play and just rock out along to it.

Here is what materialized. The setup is as follows, my fingers>Jem77FP>Boss GT5>Fender Bronco Amp. The sound quality is somewhat lacking, I used my cheapo pc mic (which incidentally is the same one I use to talk to various people on msn), and some free recording software I downloaded called Audacity.

It's a very laid back minorish sort of feel, hope you like it. The first bits from the melody were stolen from the actual track, the rest of the widdly bits are mine.

I hope you like it.

Hey Chris! long time no see man, its marc here remember me? been a while, aint seen you since u enlisted.

I see your still using the good ol GT5 rig. Anyways the sound clip was kick ass keep em coming!
Wah basket Marc!

Still using IRC nickname! Nice to see you man :)

Miss all those times we jammed so so long ago!