OM jazz or funk?

It might well be a mixture of jazz and funk - junk.

kiddin la

sorry can't listen to it yet!
Will do so once I get home.
probably funk-jazz? i've heard of that genre before.
anyway...a little personal opinion of the recording.. hmm..i feel that the song doesn't really flow. it's like..there's no place to breathe u noe. maybe should cut down on the lead parts. like..there's no telling whether it's like a chorus or verse. it's juz continuous playing....maybe there's no chorus or verse. but there has to to sub parts la..u can't juz keep playing noe wat i mean?? no hard feelings..u can ignore this..

~drummar buah~
I am using a boss drum machine, I played the bass and the guitar parts. I am a bassist so the guitar lead is not very good :)

Thank you for listening
Nice drum set ... :lol:

very funky feel Ken ... the bass line is cool ... rhythm sud let it 'ring' alittle longer, lick not that smooth ... but u r getting it ...

nice work !
I think it's a good effort, especially since this is an original track.

My constructive comments:

- A funky drum track like this cries out for clean funky strum rhythm
- timing on main motif slightly off
- low register guitar overdubs a bit out of tune

Apart from these, this track has potential. :)
just some pointers: the guitar's still slightly sharp on some strings. that, or you're fretting quite hard that it's bending the notes sharp. the bass is out of tune with the guitar too. less reverb on the lead sound might be nicer.

did you program the drums? they're nice!
the lead sounds like it's floating over a groove, like jazz on top of groove.

but it's definitely not jazz.

quite abit of tempo problems.

the drums sound too mechanical.