OM : classic chinese ballad

nice vox performance, very effectively communicated the vibe in my opinion, which is not easy especially when a song's main emphasis is on the vox tune :) Only thing that didnt sit well for me was the amt of reverb u used for ur vox & vol level of ur backing.....but thats just me....nice one nevertheless
turbochicken, that is really nice! got a slow rock feel as compared to the original version. the guitar is very nicely played too.

when the drums come it, i would make the whole arrangement more hyped up. using some distortation guitar, rides instead of hi-hats and some rolls in between.
shrug, but the reverb is to cover my vocal faults (dry horrifies the voice)
and the overreverb on the harmony - i can't do keys to synth it to make it sound big so i cheated with reverbed harmony - shrugs again.

but thanks, for tahan-ing the vox.

thanks, you got the idea of what i was trying to do with this arrangement.
and yea, fills, more hype, despair sounding distortion guitars would probably make it more convincing....i was just thinking since that's my usual signature (distort guit, rhythm play), i'll do this one slow and emo.

might revise it, when i don't feel too lazy. heh.

Just my opinion.
Dunno about distorted guitar sounds, but it would be real nice to have a lush orchestration of guitars layered behid the singing during the chorus, panned across the spectrum. But nice work! What key did you play in? I wanted to learn this song after I heard Lin Zhixuan's version, but could never get it right... teach me!!!
what you suggested sounds chim...but i would go with strings anytime, if i can play keys that is.

i did it in A major, but capo 2 (G major) to attain that octave of sounds between open A and bar 5 A.
love the acoustics and clean guitar work! reminds me how I started out with a chinese rock band playing at the marine parade library auditorium!
Fholes: thanks...i um, being the bubbly drummer, thought chicken (drumsticks) and turbo speed fits best. also trying to be funny lar. heh.

killinghall: thanks ya. and you used to perform there?
Now i everyday listen to this version,
personally like it very much.
Too bad there is no Karaoke version of it.
else I will try to learn to sing like that.