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Freaks Of Adroit is a four-piece post-grunge independent band from Singapore. Freaks Of Adroit is strongly influenced by bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney and Foo Fighters.

Hafiz is responsible for the hoarse vocals and crunchy solos, with the support from Syafiq who is incharge of the rhythm guitar. The base and heartbeat of the band are taken care by Zakir and Syazwan, bass and drums respectively.

Freaks Of Adroit was established in 2005 by Hafiz, Zakir and Syazwan who happened to be cousins. In 2013, they recruited Syafiq (happened to be a cousin too) into Freaks Of Adroit to add more elements into their music. Currently, they are using Syazwan's bedroom for rehearsals.

For any updates of Freaks Of Adroit can be found on our Facebook Page:
- Facebook

Websites to Freaks Of Adroit's music can be found at:
- Soundcloud
- Myspace

Twitter/Instagram: @FreaksOfAdroit

Act Blur || Live Forever || Act Cacat || Immortal
- Hafiz
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Pretty Scar punches out classic hard rock music from ACDC, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses,
Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Skid Row, Whitesnake and many more!

Get out your leather and be ready to live Rock N’ Roll on the edge with Pretty Scar.


Olga "The Rocket Queen" – Lead Vocals
Maxx "The Man" – Lead Guitars
Joe "The Terminator" – Bass, Backing Vocals
Fik "The Ice Man" – Drums



Any additional information: F@#K perfection! We're gonna F@#kin' put on a REAL Rock N' Roll show!

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Hello everyone!

Band Name: Menorâh
Influences: Meshuggah, Periphery

We are a prog band from Greece but I just moved to Singapore and I'm interested in starting a new band or even try to get Menorâh to play here.
We have 3 guitars in the band to get as full a sound as possible.

You can check out our videos right here:

Band members:
Vocals/Guitar: Takis Fitos
Guitar: Kostas Fitos
Guitar: Fotis Delinikolas
Drums: Aiad Ousta
Bass: Chris Kollias10353033_799044723447369_1348799841498509761_n.jpg
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Band Name: Summer Drive

Genre: Classics, Pop, Pop Rock, Alternative, Rock

Description: We are a group of passionate musicians who come from various musical backgrounds and yet still love performing songs from any genre. We do gigs such as pop love songs/top 40s for Weddings to retro classics at pubs to even pop punk and alternative at school shows. We give our all to play at a professional standard at every gig.

Members/Instrument: Daniel Li on Vocals and Bass, Gabriel Liew on Drums, Ryan Almodiel on Lead guitar and Joash Foo on Rhythm guitar.

Facebook -
Youtube -

Any additional information: Contact us on any of our platforms regarding any opportunities, thank you for your time.

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Re: Mannequin Masquerade

Band Name:places of Eden

Genre:Alternative rock, J-rock, Pop Punk, Indie

Description:We are a 5 piece band age from 19-22 years old. The band is formed 4 months ago so we are freshly new. We have performed in school events, pubs but has yet to perform in gigs. We do mainly alternative rock, jrock and punk. As we are just formed, i believe the members of the band will grow together as one.

Members/Instrument: Joel- vocalist
Sidd- Lead Guitarist
Marc- Rhythm Guitarist
Deep- Bassist
John - Drummer
Jingyi- Keyboardist



10917191_728581937256044_3951332162186195014_o (1).jpg10945021_728595977254640_3353427342143243879_n (1).jpg


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Re: Mannequin Masquerade

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.24.54 pm.jpg

Band Name: Cheryl Loon [Loon's Music]

Genre: Top 40s, old classics, jazz

Description: Left the corporate world to pursue music as a career. Do all sorts of gigs like bars, weddings etc you name it I do it! I work with different professional musicians depending on client's preference. Good for both full band set up or acoustic (2/3/4/5pc can be done)

Members/Instrument: Keyboardist, Guitarist, Bassist, Percussionist etc

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Band Name: Twelve
(ask us about our band name – that’s one good way to learn more about our band :))

Genre: Pop/Top 40s

Description: We all do this because we love playing music together. We play covers of Top 40s songs, and are also writing some originals, which we’re really excited about. We believe that music is meant to be shared, and that’s why we would be really happy to play for you at your venue/event. We prefer to play with the full 5-pc band, but if you’re looking for a 2- or 3-pc acoustic set-up, that works for us too. Hit us up for a discussion about the music (and rates) – we promise we are really nice people!


Raquel (vox)
YC (guitar)
Joe (bass)
Melvin (drums)
Olivia (keys)

Website: This is the full band jamming at Hood Bar -

Check out the YouTube channel for other videos as well.


Any additional information: Talk to us if you have any special requests – we try not to limit ourselves musically, and if there’s a project that you want us to look at, or a certain type of music that you want, just ask us and we’ll tell you if we can do it!
Band Name: Total Reverge

Genre: Punk Rock

Description: A band which founded in July 2010 under the moniker of "The Verge", have definitely went through thick and thin as a band. No longer bandmates were the term to use but friends who shared common interest in making music with underlying message of positivity and angst.


Sylvest - Bass/Vocal
Ridzky - Guitar/Vocal
Shafiq - Lead Guitar
Taufiq - Drums




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Please add your band details to this thread if you are available for gig.


Genre: Post-Hardcore / Progrock

Timing Time is a Post-Hardcore / Progressive Rock band formed in 2009 who oftenly mis-fit in genre-centric gigs. Timing Time blends the superlatives of synthesizer effects, haunting vocals and screams, progressive guitar riffs, thumpy basslines and heavy drumbeats. Each band member has found themselves a natural place to express their burning passion for music.
After a 2-year hiatus, Timing Time made a comeback in early 2016 rocking on gig stages and competitive events as the following highlights:

>>JUL2016: Clinching Top 4 at the Battle of The Bands 2016 Season 2 (organised by Strumms Holdings / Baliba Pub / Blowfish Bar & Entertainment)
Recorded and released 2nd single titled "Reality Anxiety"
>>AUG2016: Milkfest Volume 5 (organised by Milk Productions)
>>SEP2016: 100BANDS FESTIVAL 2016

.Diki / Guitars
.Zan / Drums
.Mary / Synth + Vocals
.Dayne / Scream + Vocals
.Hafyz / Bass



Any additional information:
We're directly contactable too at..

.Zan - +65 85690740
.Hafyz - +65 90661406

Band Name: Music In the City SG (MIC SG)

Genre: Chinese pop / mandopop (including cantopop and Hokkien pop)

Description: We're a group of one pianist and two vocalists, specialising in various genres of Chinese pop songs (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien). We perform as a Chinese live band for private and public events (e.g. as a wedding live band), and for events such as company dinner & dance (D&D) as well as festivals. We also busk regularly to showcase our favourite pieces, including originals from aspiring songwriters.

Ying Hao - Pianist
Joelyn - Lead female vocalist
Shaun - Lead male vocalist

YouTube Channel:

Profile Pic.jpg

Band Name: The Purnama's

Genre: 60's, Pop Yeh Yeh

A band in a little country called "Kota Singapura" influenced by 60's pop, playing a new melody of "pop yeh yeh".

Hyqal Azman - Vocals
Farhan Azizhan - Guitars
Fauzi Amiruddin - Guitars
Sufi Zafrull - Bass
Rudy Rashidah - Drums



Any additional information:
Youtube channel:

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-18 at 12.17.57 PM.jpg
Band Name: Scarlet Riot

Genre: Rock / Pop

Description: Noise 2019 alumni looking to learn more and keep rocking out.

Members/Instrument: Ain/drums, Dan/bass, Shea/guitar, Jeff/guitar, Cora-Leigh/vocals



Any additional information: We have played Marina Bay Carnival, Noise Final Showcase, and we’re currently looking for a keyboardist but available for gigs in the meantime.

Hi, I am enquiring if you are interested to sing in a private celebration? I need a rock singer on 21st December lunch. I have a keyboarder during event.

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Greeting from Vials, you check us out at FB/IG/Youtube by "vialsofficial"

Band Name: V I A L S

Genre: Experimental Brit / Post Rock / Shoegaze


In the KL and SG scene for quite some times and still hungry to perform and produce as the older we get the younger we become.

Shah - Keyboard
Em - Vocals / Synth
Krie - Bass
Suboh - Guitar
Jalut - Guitar
Moq - Sequence / Percussion

FB/IG/Youtube : @vialsofficial


Any additional information:
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Re: Mannequin Masquerade

Alien Anomaly.

5 piece rock band playing original songs with a couple of covers thrown in. We released our debut album, Ethereal Material, a year ago and have a second album under way.

A mix of heavy rock/punk/metal. Influences GnR, Weezer, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, RATM.

We sold out the Substation in July 2021 as part of the Goodbye Garden series of gigs.

Message 8798 7493 for gig stuff.
Band Name: Helvetica

Genre: Pop, Indie, Rock

Description: Hi! We’re a band that formed a few months ago and we are fairly advanced in skill level. We’re looking to perform for any gigs or events for the experience!

Issac - Vocalist
Celeste - Guitarist
Ralf - Bassist
Daena - Keyboardist
Joseph - Drummer

Website: -


Any additional information: -
Hi everyone,

We are a band based in Singapore called Ruby Rocks, 4 seasoned musicians who have been playing together since 2021.

Formed in 2021 by classic rock-loving musicians, their unique sound blends a heart-thumping rhythm section, razor-sharp guitar sound, and punchy vocals with unapologetically powerful riffs. Their impeccable setlist displaying hits from the 70's to the 90's will make you want to dance all night.
Eric (guitar) and Luke (bass) go back a long time. They met at University in Paris, then reunited recently in Singapore and started the band that is now Ruby Rocks.
John (drums) played professionally in Vietnam for 20 years. Originally from Birmingham, his powerful drumming lifted Ruby Rocks to the next level.
Ruby (vocals) is a legend in the Istanbul underground rock scene. Work has taken her to Singapore where she’s now rocking the local scene.
Now hailed as the most exciting addition to Singapore’s rock scene, Ruby Rocks is ready to roll.

You can have an idea of how we sound with our YouTube channel:

Our Instagram is:

Ruby: +6586479726


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