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Band Name: blame it on eve

Genre: alternative/ pop-punk

Description: we're a 5 piece female fronted band who formed in mid 2010. members are all from different backgound so its quite an interesting mix. we had our first gig at scape recently. composed a few originals since then. all of our members has had gigging experiences from previous bands. wanna be exposed more to the local music scene and to be better gig after gig. Do inform us if theres any opportunity =D

Mayvis - vocals
Darren - bass
yan - keyboards
Cartman - guitar
Kenzo - drums


Any additional information: we are comfortable with doing semi acoustic sets too
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Band Name: Requiem Romantica

Genre: Love Metal

Description: Formed in October 2010 through a mutual gathering from fellow softies, Requiem Romantica main influences includes
HIM, HER and His Infernal Majesty (actually they are one band with different names)

Requiem Romantica has performed at Aneka Rock @ MacPherson CC in Dec 2010 and The Rock Show @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic in
January 2011.

Our upcoming gig is @ Woodlands CC on 26th February 2011. Do Support US!!

Zia Legenandary (Main Vocals/Keyboards)
Keith Nguyen (Lead Guitars)
Ridhwan Razali (Rhythm Guitars)
Sal Rosli (Backup Vocals/Bass)
Jeremy Soh (Drummer)



Main Website:

Any additional information:


Band Name: Devastated By Hades

Genre: Deathcore

Description: We Just Form Early Dec, Which Form by group of Frenz have the same passions.. and currently doin our oris.. and along the way Looking For gigs..

And We Perform before at ARTHOUSE, PLAYDEN.. In Combined gigs..

Hasan - Vokills
Haikal - Guitar
Fird - Guitar
Mikoi - Bass
AmiL - Drums



Any Additional Infomation:


Band Name: Infides

Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore/Hardcore

Description: we r teh awesumz! SMILE!
We've been around for quite some time. Alot of gig experience. We not only focus on our "Music", We are not the type of bands whose guitarist stares at the guitar or the vocalist singing and doing nothin'.

We've got a stage presence, We've got intros and interludes, we want the crowd to play along with us. Music is a priority, but unlike most bands, we have not forgotten that our crowd is also a priority. Dubstep/glitchcore and club song covers to keep them alive, some movement, circles and wall of death to make them keep going. We jump, we smash (the guitar), we went wild.

Don't worry, we have never caused property damage before.

Nicholas - Vocalist
Pee (or "P") - Bassist
Firdaus - Guitarist
Clement - Guitarist
Dane - Drummist (I refuse to use the word drummer here, hahaha)

Website:!/event.php?eid=142723565792009 (this is an event link, if you wish to find out how good we are, come down for our gig on 26th march, description in the link)

Number: 82426377 (Clement)

Any additional information: We are looking to join a gig around Late april to whole of May. Any interested party please inform us at 82426377.

If you are wondering what we would sound like:
The Devil Wears Prada + I Killed the Prom Queen + Of Machines + Charlie the Unicorn + Annoying Orange!

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Hi Soft,

We are Instrumental band that's available for gigs.

Our details.

Band Name: DreamCatcher

Genre: Instrumental Music

Description: Dreamcatcher is a band playing instrumental music of various styles. It is intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation and optimism and is a perfect recording for meditation or as a gift to our loved ones to create a peaceful atmosphere in home or other environments.

Rosli - Guitar
Raihan- Bass Guitar
Jamal- Didgeridoo



Person to contact: Jamal 8232 1844
Band Name : Fallen Project

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Formed in early 2010. Members of the band gathered after leaving their individual bands that did not seem to move on.
Putting their past regrets and commitments into this band, members of Fallen Project hopes to take it to the next level and rock the scene with powerful originals of their own. Major rock idols set the stage. Giving Fallen Project the spark to be like them.

The glory and joy of rocking out loud for the people to hear their music like they do to their idols. Fallen Project just by their name. And they shall rise and surface once again to take on the scene with power. Note by note, Melody by melody.

They shall take centrestage and rock the floor like they've never did before.

Members :

Gpol - Lead Vocals
Amie - Lead Guitars
Irwin - Rhythm Guitars
Benny - Bass, Backup Vocals
Edd - Drums, Backup Vocals

199008_205318132831653_125778770785590_703533_5069  069_n.jpg

Travel Tales

Acoustic Pop

Performing under the stage name of "Travel Tales", singer/songwriter Ze Wen Seah comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Having lived in several countries of the world such as Taiwan and America, his songs are heavily inspired by the experiences he has gained through living in different cultures. His musical influences include performers such as Jason Mraz, Radiohead, Coldplay, Travis, etc. He has also sessioned with bands such as "For This Cycle", playing bass alongside the talented Daniel Sassoon, Weiwen Seah, Roland Lim, and Jordan Cheng. It was through all these amazing experiences that "Travel Tales" was born. Ze Wen is currently back in Singapore.

Ze Wen Seah (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar)



Any additional information:
Check out my latest cover here!
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Band Name: SilverTears
Bassist : Ateng age45 (teamleader)
Drummer : Sky age 23
1st Guitarist : Alfi Boi age 25
2nd Guitarist : Zai age 25
Vocalist : Noh age 25
contact no. 94599707
Gerne : Classic Rock,Hard Rock.
Band Name:Vintage


Description:Currently a 4 piece band .formed 2005 .covering songs from skidrow,ratt,velvet revolver,gnr,bon jovi,audioslave,gotthard

Members: Gali ( vox )
Sharin ( Guitar )
Ary ( bass )
Wan ( drum )

Email :

Contact : 93830061 ( Ary )
96785167 ( sharin )
Band Name: Love is wAR (LiAR)


We are a 5 piece band formed in early 2010. Did an acoustic perfomance
in a personal BBQ party. Looking for oppotunties to perform as a full band and meeting
friends with other bands & performing together.

Meng Hui/Vocals


Contact: David - 96363462

Any additional information:

For Courage

Band Name: For Courage


Formed in 2004 and formerly known as Near Fatal Explosion (NFE).
In 2010, For Courage brings about a new change in terms of maturity and a refreshing new found drive after being on hiatus for 4 long years.

Fiz 1- Vocals
Emy - Guitar
Fiz 2 - Guitar
Nazra - Bass
Mirza - Drums

Influences - Blacklisted, Outbreak, Converge, To Kill, Shai Hulud, Killing The Dream, Your Demise


Contact - 8481 0194 (Hann)

Band Name: Patriot

Genre: Rock \m/

Patriot is a Rock band formed from two separate entities. Through the
alignment of the planets, these two met up and formed Patriot. Our influences
include, RATM, Muse, Incubus, among many others. We’re striving to come up with
new, refreshing ideas, and do our best in exploring new areas of our passion.

Our concept consists of covers of Patriot’s music influences and originals. Making
music is all about having fun and staying true to who you are. So we hope you
enjoy what we offer and support local music ;)

Fadhly/Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Benjamin/Lead Guitar


Contact Person:
(Phone) 92310047
Band Name: Party Under The Sunset

Genre: Pop Punk and Alternative Rock.

Description: We are a newly form band started on around November 2011, We met most of the members in SOFT and we started making music from then :)

Bryan - Lead Vocalist
Azreel - Lead Guitarist
Marcus - Rhythm Guitarist
Russell - Bass and Back Singer
Wei Jie - Drum and Back Singer



Any additional information: Our band currently is doing our first single and it might be released on Chrismas Day! :)

We are Lipstick Lullaby! :D

Band Name: Lipstick Lullaby

Genre: Anything from pop-punk to alternative rock

We are a 5 piece alternative rock band but really we play anything that comes our way. Formed in early April 2011, we aim to rock your socks off with nothing but the sound of our music.

From melodic solos (insert air guitar here) to catchy mad riffs, and an equal variety of mad band members, we as a band aim to really make, well simply good music.

We are Lipstick Lullaby, and we thank you for listening! :D

(For a pseudo meaning, go look it up on urban dictionary. No really go do that. HAHA!)

Nazrul Noor - Lead Vocalist
Nazrul Satimun - Lead Guitarist
Asyraf Rasid - Rhythm Guitarist & Backup Vocals
Hoirul Haffiz - Bass Guitarist
Anwar Moktar - Drummer



Any additional information: In a nutshell, we are just a bunch of best friends that loves being on stage! We hope to have many gigs/performance in the future. Thank you, we are Lipstick Lullaby. :D


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