'Normal' job vs music job


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Hi everyone, :)

I'm a computer engineering student that also play some keyboard and electric guitar during my school and university days. I can do music arrangement too. The problem is that I'll be graduating from university in a few month, and now I start to worry that I'll have to let go one side of these talents I have. :?

I know that working as either a computer engineer/programmer or a musician/arranger is best if done as a full-time job. I was thinking abt doing my computer-related job 5 days a week, and spend my weekend gigging. But does anyone know if that works? I mean, which band/place will accept somebody who can only allocate his time 2 days per week? And will that exhaust me quickly?

I know that this is probably the classic 'normal' job vs music job problem. I'm sure a lot of musicians have experienced this kind of problem.
Can anyone share with me? Thanks a lot and have a Happy Blessed New Year!! :D

having done some surverys on my own as an umemployed grad aka. bum, a music job i.e. performance related ones by itself requires a fair amount of commitment. Like say if you take 3 gigs in a month, you'll need to think of how much rehearsal time you'll spend just for these 3 gigs in a month. Its alot for one with a full time job.

I dare not take a full time job and even commit to more than 2 'leisure' bands. But thats just me. To each his or her own i guess...

Oh yeah btw i just referring to gigging in the professional sense, like getting paid for a one-time gig etc..
Ermm i think one of the guys from ronin quit his job, to pursue the band full time. another one is gonna open up a bar.... Hmm running a bar, and playing in a band seems to go very well together. Maybe u might even wanna consider going outside Singapore? Australia? somewhere where theres a thriving music scene. Just remember to comeback when you made it big.
from what i read in the magazines, most of them ronin are full time musicians though they are young. but holding part time job to pay for their interest. maybe u can try that
day job and moonlight at nite

i know a fren who has a day job in the day 8.30am - 5.30pm
and he plays at nite in a pub 9.30pm - 2am.

and he has done this to almost 10years,
happening !

he owns a car, a 5-room flat and 2 kids. Wow! that's something!
and he has tons of gear at home.

sometimes he is invited to play in Bintang and M'sia,
Singapore market too small to survive as a musician.