newbie. Amp and effects question.


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Hi fellas, this is my first post and i have got a few questions. I havent been playing the guitar for long and thought of getting an electric one at the swee lee sale. I plan to get a epiphone les paul. The problem i have is i dont know what type of amps or effects to get. Can somebody skool me on this? My budget would be close to $800. I generally like rock ( AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queens of the stone age) and some punk rock (green day, nirvana, MCR) as well. So i hope somebody here could help me. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
try a roland cube 30 first (do a forum search) =) it's enough to suit all your effects needs for the time being, save the rest of the cash for when ur ready to go analog or otherwise if u dislike the stock epiphone pups u can have them replaced with the spare funds ^^
Personally i feel tt u shld get a versatile amp first and foremost. I would recommend the Roland Cube 30, Line6 Spider II range, Vox Valvetronix range. Basically amps tt gives u a wide range of distortion + some effects which u can play ard with.

I believe tt u are just starting out so i feel tt there's no need to rush to buy pedals or multi efx or what not. Only when u are v sure of the specific sound tt u are looking for then u shld start searching for individual pedals tt suit ur tone.
not sure if sweelee has line 6 spider II.. it's a really decent amp.. well at least for me. has great built in efx.
I liked both the spider and the valvetronix series for their programmability. Kinda kills off the need to buy pedals in a way.

But then i got the Cube 30 before either of them came out. Oh well. It has served me well i must say, and the tones from it are great. Someone mentioned tt one of my clips sounded like a tubescreamer, where in fact it's just the OD from the cube. Shrug
you should get a roland cube amp or a line 6, but i personally prefer line 6 if u ask me... tried n tested both out.. n line 6 is still more user friendly and has great effects and to an insane distortion level to boot, everything from crystal sound to distortion if u want to play at home or at smaller shows.... if u gonna play outside den use multi FX i guess? ZOOM? or.. Berhinger,, as in using now... its cheap.. haha.. if you've got more cash.. maybe KORG..
Thanks alot fellas for your help. I have tested out the roland cube 30 before when i was australia and i kinda liked it but it came with a hefty price tag aint it, $500? How much would the line 6 spider cost? I dont really have much cash right now to splurge, just out of uni and no job yet. So I want to squeeze whatever amount of money i have and spend wisely at the sale.
if u wan to get a line6 spider 2...get it by 30th dec at citymusic..cos they r having a sales on everything...a spider2 15watt cost $220 now
Where is Citymusic? I went down to swee lee to do some scouting but there wasnt any Roland cube 30....only left with the 15. What do u guys reckon for the 15? There wasnt any Epi Les Paul standard as well....hope they will replenish the stock for the sale.