Looking for committed bassist and guitarist for rock band


New member
Hello, we are around 40 years old, looking for committed bassist and guitarist for weekly or two-weekly jamming sessions.

- our musical influences are indie rock / pop punk revival, we like bands such as The Cure, The Strokes, Interpol, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead etc.
- we aim to play covers, and optionally move on to originals. we already have some, and we plan to write more together
- we are looking for members who are either intermediate in terms of their musical competency (we are somewhat intermediate as well), or members who are advanced but willing to be patient with us as we get more polished.
- we are looking for prospective band members not so much constrained by age, gender, nationality, but have a positive attitude and willing to work and learn together as a team, and have fun! if possible, the band member should not be averse to playing live to a small group / gig.
- for commitment, for the near term, we plan to play and work on music together at least till the end of this calendar year.

do DM me for more info about the current band members, and/or songs we have written etc.
Hello I'm Raveen 35 years old and I play guitar. Would be quite interested in joining you guys. My number is 96777485, feel free to whatsapp.