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ok basically i was debating on whether to get a new bass or a guitar.. so i finally thot of getting a new guitar but i have no idea whad to get.. some details about whad i want

- H-H config
- 24 frets
- 3 or 5 way doesnt really matter
- i play mostly emocore and basically looking for a chunkier/heavier sound while palm muting
- it needs to be below 700
- strat shaped body

and also whads the diff between a passive and active PU? my friend recommended a bc rich flying v at 400+200 for PU upgrade or a ESPkh602(or was it 601) can you guys help me out?
I've heard good reviews about the KH602, but is there a way you can get it in Singapore?

Davis doesnt have those
i would recommend getting a ibanez rg or something instead, seeing as ibanez usually have HH or SSH configs, with 24 frets and 5 way switching, and u can get a pretty close-to-strat shaped body too. but with 600 dollars, i think u can get parts to assemble ur own, but u'll have hell of a time hunting down a 24f neck.

guitarnub said:
I've heard good reviews about the KH602, but is there a way you can get it in Singapore?

Davis doesnt have those

Davis possess the KH202 & KH203 series. The KH602 has to be custom ordered to be sent over. So the price will include the original cost + shipping + taxes & b4 u noe it, ull be eating bread everyday *lolx*

Check out with Davis & see how much will it cost 1st. Check out also & see the price in US Dollars.

Erm I beg to differ, wat abt ESP LTD EX-50? EC-50? M-50 etc.

They jus dun bring in LTD KH602 bec e price is close to a custom standard series & it'll be better off buying a standard ESP series rather than a LTD Signature.

If u wanna a KH602 config & design, y not buy a KH202 + 2 EMG active pups & the price is so much cheaper imo.
my friend is against me buying th kh202 and changing to esp pickups.. no idea y..went to swee lee and checked out the ibanez jem-jr series.. was thinking of buying that.. overall a good guitar but i still prefer the rg series necks tho.. ani of the good rgs arnd 700++?
i think theres a review of it in SOFT...done by subversion...

list price shld be around 680 ba...
ok thx.. i will test it next time i go to swee lee.. speaking of swee lee.. wwen i went there jsut now, dey said dey were going to have a 3 hour sale this sunday at suntec.. anione noe anithg about it?
ahhh forget the sale.. u need the sistic tix to be able to by. which kinda sucks.. nvm... so my choices are as below

-ibanez rg321mh
-ibanez jem-jr
-esp kh601
-esp kh202

these are the ones reccomended by pple or dose i like.. next step to test everything and see which one i like most..
what i meant was davis wont import specific LTD models for you. I've tried asking em 3 times already, asking em to import a Horizon model. They ONLY do so if the model is ESP or Edwards.

So the LTDs in davis, what you see is what you get, they wont import any specific model for you.

KH202 & JEM Jr & RG are somewhat similar in the sense they got 24 frets w floyd rose locking bridge system. However, if you are looking at the RG321MH or no MH series, it does not haf a floyd rose bridge & only 22 frets.

Sit down & think of what kinda guitar you need for what kinda music you are playing then get assistance. Don't merely buy it just for the design or smoothness of the neck bec b4 u noe it, u might be posting ur guit up on SOFT or Luthermusic. Think carefully!!