New Catholic Pope confirmed!


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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, 78, has been elected the new Pope of the Catholic Church, and will assume the Papal name of Pope Benedict XVI, or Pope Benedict the Sixteenth.

The man affectionately known as the PanzerKardinal will now be the PanzerPope.

Habemus Papam! Viva il Papa!
Pope John Paul II was 58 when he was elected. the cardinals got quite sick of these ageing men passing away after a few years, months, or even weeks! there was this Pope who lasted only 33 days before his body gave in to his poor health.
There's a reason why popes are naturally old.

Technically, any Catholic man can be a pope, even if he is married. TECHNICALLY speaking.

However, that man must be a Cardinal, and to be a Cardinal he must be an Archbishop, and to be an Archbishop he must be a Bishop, and to be a Bishop he must be a Priest, and to be a Priest he must be a Deacon, and to be a Deacon he must be a Religous Brother...

As you can see the "marriage" part is ruled out.

And that naturally takes a very long time as it is. And then, he must prove himself worthy of the Papalship (is there even such a word), which isn't very easy.

iansoh said:
Pope John Paul II was 58 when he was elected. the cardinals got quite sick of these ageing men passing away after a few years, months, or even weeks! there was this Pope who lasted only 33 days before his body gave in to his poor health.

hence my comment about the age of this Pope.
Well, he was probably the most worthy candidate in the eyes of the Cardinals... so yeah... Age is not a matter when electing a Pope.
i think its papalcy. but nvm. I think he's almost "there" already not that he's gona die but ya know maximum age eligible for election is 80. yeah so almost there liao..

and I've heard them jokingly say before... Papalcy is definitely the fastest route to heaven a man can take due to the workload and lifestyle
Okay, with regards to the age...

I really have no other explanation than "most worthy candidate".

Rumours have it that Pope Benedict XVI won't last 6 months as Pope. Sadly.

He is also rumoured to be the last Pope of the Catholic Church, accourding to Our Lady Fatima. However, this cannot be confirmed. You know how word-of-mouth gets distorted. I will return with more information about Her predictions ASAP.
I have combed through Our Lady Fatima's Three Secrets, and none of them have any relation to the "Final Pope".

First Secret: The prediction that World War I would end, and indeed it ended the following year. The First Secret also encompassed the beginning of the Second World War, in which She foresaw that a "night illuminated by an unknown light" would precede a "worse war" in which "The good will be martyred" and "The Holy Father will have much to suffer." On January 25, 1938, a remarkable display of aurora borealis was visible across Europe, the year before World War II began.

Second Secret: The prediction of the conversion of Russia. Lucia says Mary revealed that Russia would "spread her errors throughout the world, promoting wars," and that "Various nations will be annihilated." Many believe this is a direct prophecy of the spread of communism. "I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart," continues the account of Mary's revelation. "If people attend to My requests, Russia will be converted and the world will have peace." Some interpret Pope John Paul II's 1984 consecration of Russia as fulfilling the prophecy, and paving the way for the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union as the "conversion" of Russia.

Third Secret: The assasination attempt on Pope Ioannes Paulus II, or Pope John Paul II, in 1981, which has already passed.

However, certain sources state otherwise.

Father Alonso, the official Fatima archivist had this to say on the Third Secret:

‘In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved’: The phrase most clearly implies a critical state of Faith, which other nations will suffer, that is to say, a crisis of Faith; whereas Portugal will preserve its Faith.3

In the period preceding the great triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, terrible things are to happen. These form the content of the third part of the Secret. What are they?

If ‘in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved,’ ... it can be clearly deduced from this that in other parts of the Church these dogmas are going to become obscure or even lost altogether.4

Thus it is quite possible that in this intermediate period which is in question (after 1960 and before the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), the text makes concrete references to the crisis of the Faith of the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves.5

One conclusion does indeed seem to be beyond question: the content of the unpublished part of the Secret does not refer to new wars or political upheavals, but to happenings of a religious and intra-Church character, which of their nature are still more grave.6

Knowledgeable Church authorities have confirmed Father Alonso’s conclusions about the Third Secret, that it concerns an unprecedented loss of faith, an apostasy, from which Portugal will be preserved. In 1984 the Bishop of Fatima said, "the loss of Faith of a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; and it is true that Faith is continuously diminishing in Europe." And in his 1984 interview with Vittorio Messori, Cardinal Ratzinger confirmed this conclusion when he said that the final part of the Secret speaks of "dangers threatening the faith and life of Christians, and therefore the world."

Finally, we know that the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Third Secret began to be realized in 1960 because when Sister Lucy was asked why the Third Secret was to be revealed no later than 1960, she responded "because it will be clearer then." Since 1960 we have seen the prophecy of the Third Secret unfold before our eyes, and it is clear that since that time the world has been progressively suffering from a terrible loss of faith.
duskalways said:
just caught it live on tv. still on, cnn & bbc.
pope benedict will have alot on his hands in these times.

Yea i believe he has a lot to do. After all Pope John Paul II did quite a bit, and left quite a bit behind. It's actually quite pressurizing on the new Pope, pray that he'll be able to handle all that stress and workload that's now weighing down on him.
If he doesn't, it's a sign from God that this isn't the man for the job. The Cardinals would have to do it again i guess. Of course we all hope he is the right one, I certainly do not enjoy being shocked about a Pope's death. Nothing pleasant about it.
pooo, you make it sound as if God kills the Pope off or allows him to die after a short while if He doesn't think that it's the right man on the job or if the "wrong" one got elected.

at the end of the day, whichever person got elected as Pope, if he were to make a good Pope, mediocre, or bad one, God allowed it for reasons He only knows is best for the church.
That's the way i feel, being a catholic myself. Looking back, John Paul the first had only a 33 day reign as Pope, before the Cardinals had to be sealed back into the room where they elected the much famed John Paul II. And since John Paul II reigned longer than John Paul I, in a way it's like a sign ya know. Not that John Paul I is not a good man, but i feel God didn't see him as the chosen one.