need some help with YAMAHA PACIFICA TELE (102)


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hi, has anyone here played/tried/owned a yamaha pacifica tele? i'm not sure what model it was that i saw, though it had a black pickguard (if that helps). I think its a 102, alder body

theres a review and a pic there. If anyone can give me some more info about this guitar, like how it measures up to fenders MIM please let me know, I appreciate all the help i can get. Thanks
i used to play a pacifica tele pretty often, but i'm not sure what model it was. standard stuff, really - slanted single coil bridge, the tele neck pickup, 3 way switch, felt like it had an alder body, maple neck but it had a rosewood fretboard.

it played well and sounded good, actually. played extremely well, in fact, and in this respect i'm comparing it to all the guitars i've played, not just the cheap ones. i'd say its playability was almost equal to that of my more expensive guitars.

one thing to note though, is that the neck is very different in characteristic and feel from a fender neck. fender tends to have smaller radius necks (i,e, the fretboards are more curved). yamaha's pacifica tele necks have larger radius necks (i.e. the fretboards are pretty flat). also, the pacifica necks are fairly thin, while fender tends to make slightly fatter necks. i would say the pacifica necks are more similar to Ibanez necks than they are to Fender ones.

generally speaking, i'd pick between a pacifica tele and a fender tele based on neck preference. electronics-wise, they could both use nicer pickups. workmanship-wise, the yamaha may have an edge. if you go with fender MIM, try out as many as possible before you pick one, and pick the one with the best workmanship and feel, because yamaha's quality control is higher than fender corona/mexico's quality control. Fender mexico makes mostly mediocre guitars, some horrible ones, and on occasion a super sweet one that plays even better than MIJ or MIA ones. generally speaking, yamaha consistently makes guitars that are a bit above average for the price level that they're at.

merry christmas. :)
if you want quality for that kind of $$, then get tha yamaha.
but if you want a fender, get the ones that MIA or MIJ.
or just try a boatload of MIM Fenders until you come across a gem. if you look long enough and hard enough you will find one. my buddy and i found a MIM Fender Strat that played better than most MIA and MIJ Strats that i've come across, and it had a birdseye maple fretboard and neck too. we found it after about 3 weeks of searching.
eh how much is a MIM standard tele now ? And any one have any idea how much the yamaha tele costs? i didn't have time to try the guitar or look at the price tag.. hehe :oops: