Need some help in applying for La Salle SIA


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how to apply for the music technology course at La Salle SIA????

the institution is not in the list of tertiary institutions on the JAE website!!!!

i have already got my audition cum interview date for the music technology course.does that mean i dun need to access the JAE website since i have already secured myself an audition????

now what if i do not make it thru the audition and decide to take up a course in the polytechnics? by then the JAE website would be closed

so right now i want to put music technology at La Salle SIA as my first choice and music and audio technology as my second choice BUT THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE BECAUSE LA SALLE SIA IS NOT ON THE LIST OF INSTITUTIONS IN THE JAE WEBSITE....

Website info is as new as it was last updated. Some sites are updated yearly, some more often, and some never at all.

Maybe you can email their support or admin to find out.
Dear Julius,

LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) are
considered as private, non-profit arts institutions offering diploma
courses in visul and performing arts and hence they are not included in

You are advised to consider your application to these schools as separate
from JAE. That means if you wish to consider the Audio and Music Technology
at SP, you are to participate in JAE.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Nicolas Ng Keok Joo
Customer Service Centre, MOE

arghhhh the JAE website is under maintainance now.... :x
DoubleBlade said:
beckerfan said:
I just got my Uni offers back w00t.

sorry i did not catch this part of the sentence.....

When you apply to universities in the UK, you send an application to the uni then they give you an 'offer' of like AAA or AAB or A in chem B in Math etc etc. So I have just got all my offers.