Learn to record live music with top producer and recording engineer, Hans-Martin Buff


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Aspiring music producers will get the chance to learn from industry professionals in the 10-day workshop Record. Mix. Produce.. Lessons will be conducted by Nic Lee (Producer and Singer-Songwriter), Eric Wong (Founder and Producer, United Records), and guest lecturer from Germany, Hans-Martin Buff.

Since 1993, Hans-Martin Buff has been an experienced music producer and recording engineer. One of his career highlights was working as Prince’s personal engineer for four years at Paisley Park Studios. During this time, he was also responsible for the studio affairs of renowned artists like No Doubt, Chaka Khan and Larry Graham. In 2001, he returned to his home country, where he continued his career as an independent recording engineer. He has since mixed and recorded for a host of international talent, including Scorpions.

He will be one of the lecturers conducting the workshop, which marks the beginning of a new partnership between local music and dance tertiary institution Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC) and German music academy United POP. The schools will be exploring other collaboration opportunities in the near future, such as student exchange programmes and recognition of academic credits.

Mr Ryan Goh, the Executive Director of SRMC, said: “SRMC is excited to embark on the partnership with a well-established arts institution like United POP, which will bring our young musicians the rare opportunity to network with and learn from experienced professionals across Asia and Europe. We believe in providing students with more professional hands-on training and international exposure beyond the classroom, which will help them stand out in the competitive music industry today.”

Participants will get to record music by a live band under their guidance, and hone their recording techniques on Protools, Solid State Logic (SSL), KOMPLETE 11, and more at Singapore Raffles Production Suite. The premium equipment, including the SSL AWS924 recording console, better prepares the participants to take on such industry-standard technology with skill and confidence in their future careers.

“As a part of the creative and media industry, all our educational programmes are strongly industry linked. Our study and training courses are of such a high quality in terms of content, didactic and teaching methods, that we decided to offer them internationally,” Rüdiger J. Veith, founder and owner of the Music Support Group, which merges media companies under its umbrella, alongside its education and training establishment United POP and Deutsche POP. “With SRMC, we found a great partner with an excellent reputation that provides high quality education in the field of classical music well known far beyond the borders of Singapore.”

To ensure that the workshop participants get maximum value out of the ten days, the sign-up will be limited to a small number on a first-come-first-served basis. For more information, please visit: www.srmc.edu.sg/upopworkshop


SRMC and Singapore Raffles Production Suite Clip – https://youtu.be/CVpYCWPKyKY

Introduction to Workshop by Hans-Martin Buff / United POP – https://youtu.be/pNINWnITTZg

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