Need Help to Record my Songs


New member
Good day. I am quite new to music and audio sound engineering ( or whatever names you call it). A few years ago, i wrote a few songs, but it had been 'kept in the shelf gathering dust'. Now i will like to have my songs recorded and make it 'beautiful'. The problem is i don't know who i can turn to for help., and i am on a tight budget. So if you are someone who do sound audio engineering or recording (or whatever you call it), can you give me a quote of your charges pls? Previously, someone had quoted me a package of $250 - $300 (based on $25/ hour, mixing $80, for vocal & guitar recording, plus he helping me the guitar part, since i am not a guitarist). Basically i need to record one or two songs, which are accoustic ballad (meaning only vocals and accoustic guitar). I can be contacted or whatsapp 81274371.
Do you have a rough sample of your songs? I am just thinking aloud, maybe if you post them here, there might be some users who can chip in and help produce the song online? Kinda like a co-operative effort?