need help playing upbeats


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hey whats up guys. I started playing the drums like 4 months ago and i need some help playing upbeats. How do i maintain a 4/4 on the hi-hat playing upbeats. For eg;
H -x--x--x--x--x
S -o------o-----o
B ---o--o--o--o--

something like this...i have trouble keeping the constant strokes on the hi-hat, it ends up following the bass drum strokes. any tips? btw im a rightie.
i guess you should start out slow, as slow as possible, jus to get the groove right. when you get the rythem then move faster
jut my 2 cents worth..
Keep a chick on the downbeat, then play the upbeats on a ride. Keep doing it until it feels natural, then slowly add more stuff to complete the groove. It's a feel thing, not necessarily a technique prob.
eh bro i suggest u know wat or not?

i think ur hi hat u play quavers first :

| x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-
| x--- ---- x - -----
| -- x - -x---x---x
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

sorry arr very hard to type some dash some 'x' haha so the lines abit don't correspond.. but hope u understand the groove.
in other words.. u try this first which is to hit the hi hat togehter with the other drums u hit.. AIYAH.. haha err try to understand wat i'm saying.
once u got it down and comfortable.. remove those hi hat hits on the '&' counts and u'll get wat u originally posted!!
in other words mr. buah is trying to say...SUB DIVIDE!

sub division is a musicians best friend.If its in 4/4, count in 8ths...u cant count in 16th for accuracy...32s for killer accuracy...64 if ur nuts and ur mouth doesnt hurt... :lol:

1 e n a 2 e n a 3 e n a 4 e n a

PS: i shud start taking my own advice...i hate counting drum scores
start off slow. it helps if you try to do it bit by bit first without needing to be in time (if you get what i mean), and then working on time when your limbs are more familiar with the strokes.
also try to do each limb seperately in time, and then adding the other limbs slowly. i know i've repeated some stuff, sorry hehe.
hmm i think it's better to do it slow. yet in time. but in slow time haha. this way can develop consistency in slow tempos.
hey.. that guy hasn't replied!!!! :twisted:

hmm hope he's having some good luck with his upbeats.. it can get real funky when used at the right time..
hey sorry guys, havent been online in a while....yeah im takin the upbeats slowly, but the problem is i dont own a drumset so im just air drumming or just tapping my fingers and feet while in the bus or when im just idling...

i have another problem...there are some days when i just cant get the flow goin and i have trouble with my bass strokes. sometimes the strokes kinda stutter and its frustrating. I play punkrock music and i always need the fast flow goin. any tips? i have this problem maybe in 1 out of 5 jamming session..but when the flow's there, its gnarly! i dont know about you guys but being able to play 1/2 of the punkrock songs out there's awesome man...considering the fact that i started like 4 months ago. heheh
Are you burying the beater into the bass drum head? Is that why it is stuttering?

I'd strongly recommend every drummer to NOT bury the beater... I mean, look at your sticks, do you bury them into the head unless u want a buzz? You want the head to resonanate, no?
yeah i like to rest the ball of my feet on the pedal (i play heel-up) what do i do with my feet when im not hitting bass notes? (i cant hang my feet up in the air, cant i?)....any suggestions bro?
then your spring tension must be too loose.

cuz it's supposed to be tight enough so that u are able to rest ur feet there without the beater touching the bass drum. it's also supposed to be loose enough so that u can efficiently execute your doubles on the bass drum.
learnt if from weckl. so don't u guys dare flame me. haha!! :lol:
haha dont worry. not everybody owns a set here.

i dont. but we shall find out by the end of the week eh? :wink:
yeah man...i got the upbeats goin, just need to get it constant and smooth.

about my bass strokes stutters, i got it solved. thanks to Funkifized. i just move my feet down the footboard when im not hitting bass notes, and move it up when im about to hit the notes. :D
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drumsticks are half priced..
but wait a min, did the vic firth sticks go up in price? my AH5AN didn't cost as much as recently.. used to be a $10 per pair with the white sleeves.. bought 2 pairs and it was $30 with the new red sleeves.. which is $15 per pair?