Need help on getting first bass!


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Hi guys, I need some help on getting my first bass guitar. I have been playing electric guitar for a couple of years now and I am about to enter the bass community. My current choices are the Ibanez SR300, Jackson Js2 and Yamaha TRBX 304. I'm kinda leaning towards to Jackson Js2 because of its sick metal tone but I also love the aesthetics and bright tone of the TRBX 304. Can I get your opinion on these 3 bass guitars? Or if you have any other bass you would like to recommend. My budget is below $400 (TRBX 304 is on sale now $399).

I will be plugging the bass into my Boss GT-001 and maybe create some patches for the bass so I wont be getting an amp for it.
do not choose your bass based on aesthetics or brand ...go and try your budgeted bass in the shops and feel the neck and the body..the ergonomics of it..if you can do horizontal & vertical runs on the neck with ease and the body sits well on you lap or when its strapped on...then you should consider it. also look out for the hardware if it is easy to manage, the the pick up shape should you want to swap out to upgrade in the future....and it should come with a carry case.
good luck