need help on effect pedals


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im considering between a behringer xvamp and a zoom 606..which one do you think sounds better and which would you pick and why? thanks.
get the behringer x-vamp.
Its cheaper anyway and ideal for beginners. u can just sell it to upgrade to analog pedals when ur getting better.

Anyway i have a X-VAMP for sale.
Mint condition, only used for bedroom playing thats y. Still with box and manuels and even the sticker inside. Its only a few months old and i have the receipt from luther music. haha Selling at $100.

I really recommend it as i've used it myself. Reasons for selling is cuz i'm upgrading my pedals to analog.

Contact me at
Leave ur number if ur interested.

Go view wad luther has to say.
actually i think a 606 is cheaper. It can provide really awesome tone and distortion that doesnt sound too dry or super distorted. THe effects module are soso, not very versatile but its good for a beginner . I think the best thing about this unit is the amp simulation. I use it more like a practise amp than a effects pedal, You can simulate every thing from a marshall stack to an acoustic set.
Behringer Vamp-X only selling point is that its super cheap and most bang for the buck, due to it having practically all the features you can think of.

The cons about the unit, for one thing is that firstly it looks like a toy with it's cheesy plastic shell, not for gorilla-sized guitarist.
Next con on this effect pedal is that you will probably spend 1/2 the day figuring out how to navigate and use the features on this pedal.
Yeah, it has that expression pedal which you can assign to the possible uses, but the feel on this is not very condusive.
As it's a new model, I have yet to see it coming in for broken parts yet. But I have already come across 2 cases, one require hard reset, other cannot be helped, as I felt the D/A section is damaged. So the processor is not very robust.

About Zoom, is that it's definately a more robust pedal. Sound wise I think should at least be on-par or better. Remember they are both digital effects. Only thing I seen not so robust is the input jack which a few tend to fail after the warranty is over. But I think is due to user usage, so is still a thumbs up, as the user has used it till it wear out. User friendly is another plus point. Price wise is still quite competitive as compared to the likes of roland or line6 has to offer. But loose out to the vampx in terms of value for money.

Well, value can be said to be like beauty, so it's comparision is only as far is the eye of the beholder goes.
im gettin 2nd hand for both which cost around the same price but the 2nd hand xvamp as sold by the user above costs slightly more so which should i pick?
the 606 is cheaper than the v amp x by $10 if you compare their retail price.
Even so,if you do some calculations, the 606 guy is charging you cheaper relative to the retail price

but then again, i think you should go and test both out first, judging the effects pedal by the price tag is not very smart
well.. i think retaillers usually dont include Power adapters with Zoom pedals. One point to consider. I'm not sure about Behringers though