need cymbals - really need help - based overseas permanently


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hi guys,

i'm in the market of buying a 16 crash zildjian or sabian cymbal. however, i'm based quite a way overseas permanently and well can't exactly go exploring all over singapore in seach of music stores which hold these goods.

i've found swee lee online and that's it. would be great if u guys could just help me out and drop a website or sumthing that perhaps sells these cymbals.

at the moment i own a kit with zildjian zxt (yes from what i heard crappy) but kits here kill me with their price. i mean zxt pro pack here costs me 900 bucks. so venturing any further than that would have left me bankrupt.

hope u guys can help out me, maybe recommend what i should get - would be really really nice. thanx heaps
Re: need cymbals - really need help - based overseas permane

Music123 is now having a clearance sale. go check it out >>

btw you have not told us where you are from. In Singapore the zxt costs about the same.

Hi there,
Arent we all in a dilemma here. Want good cymbals but dont want to pay a high price. 900 bucks for a ZXT pro? Too bad you just missed out on Swee Lee Sale where cymbals were going half price.
The cymbals on Swee Lee's website is the only one so far with a comprehensive selectino of sabians. If you want a further discount, I suggest you have to try your charm being there in person.
2), if i remember correctly, the ZXT pro was cheaper than the 900 u paid. But if like good cymbals, dude you have to pay the price for it. It just doesnt come cheap and you know why when u hear it.
3)Either that you can try buying paiste signature series, nice warm decay, pretty dark, a full set up might just cost ya about 600 or less. You should try Ranking Sports at Bras Basah. 2 crash 1 ride and 1 hi-hat. As for jamming, I find the paiste 302 crashes not too bad thro the mikes. But no one seems to hold that anymore. The new series of paiste generic cymbals are quite sharp.
4) hang around everyday in classifieds and wait. There are a few guys selling off cymbals at good prices.

Hope its of help
Cymbals are priced just like that for the top 3 brands, namely paiste, zidjian, sabian.

Starter kits are decent to get by, but the sound is subjective, some like it, some detest it. Also which revision will also mean different sound.

I go for paiste, priced reasonable here due to distributor marketing direction, so I also deal with them too.

If you read more, a set of cymbals supposed to last you a lifetime (you use it yourself only). So paying over S$1K for a set is very reasonable.

If you still consider yourself to be amatuer, just get one of the starter kits, Zidjian ZXT is crashy sound suitable more for hard rock, Sabian solar to me sound only better than brandless stock cymbals, Paiste 101 has quite a balanced sound good for general. All these are in the range of S$220 to under $400 for a complete set 14,16,20. Good for the price.

I must warn, models avail here are limited as the drumming community is small. If they have it, they have it. If not forget it.

One advise, sound selfish, but never ever loan out your own cymbals, it will result in heartbreak. A brand new cymbal WILL crack if the force hittin it is hard enough. (there are plently of 'drummers' who don't know how to hold and hit with the stick, the 'just whack' syndrome)

You should give us more details to help you. Like where are you now?? where you are going to??? what music you play??
just whack syndrome

totally agree with Mike. I bought the paiste 302 about 6 months ago, thick cymbal thought even the hardest drummer cant kill it. Poor baby was murdered 2 weeks ago. Just as I was explaining to my partner why I bought it. Totally struck me dumb like a lampost man. Hahahaha
It's certainly painful to see a good cymbal crack from severe abuse. Like the poor Zildjian china at Soundmix. Man... the poor baby got abused REAL bad lol.
about me and cymbals :D

wow, so many responses - thanx guys :D i didn't expect so many replies. lol. i didn't say much about myself as i figured people wouldn't bother readin long-winded posts like this one. the bold bit at the bottom is the more important stuff :p

well since people are askin about my life history i shall reveal some lol.
i'm a 17 year old chic - yes i'm a chick lol. who's been playin for a year. i own a pearl target with zxt cymbals and i'm no pro - not yet anyway lol. being a teenager who gets paid 7.50 an hour workin 4 hours a week does limit my budget slightly :p

my kit when i got it would have cost just over 2 grand and i got it second hand for 900 and its about 2 years old so i got a good deal. it was either that or some crappy kit with planet z zild that would have cost me more. and any idiot would make the same choice i did.

i'm a singaporean at heart - at least i hope to be lol. but i live in new zealand so trying to charm the swee lee company to save a couple bucks would cost me more than a grand soundmixpro. :p

what kinda music - whatever goes. i listen to christian like planet shakers and zebulun. poppy punk rock like green day and good charlottle and rock like linkin park and breaking bejamin (go them- love them) :D so whatever goes yea?

like i said i'm way amateur at this drumming stuff - so can't play by ear unfortunately - would give anything to be able to but i've been told to just let go so i'm gettin there :D but every guy that has asked me to play - they all say the same thing - dude that girl can hit those drums - pretty funny seeing their jaws drop to the ground lol - whether its a good thing to play loud i don't know thou lol - any thoughs on that?

now that people mention zxt is kinda crappy i'm unsure if i just want to get one crash cymbal like i intented to or get a whole new set of cymbals IF I can sell my zxt's for a good price. but then again i'm a learner and don't need the best cymbals in the world - i'm quite happy with mine :D

also unsure if i should get sabian or zildjian breakin my pattern of zxt cymbals - as well as what series. but really guys - i need some websites lol besides swee lee to go shopping. :D
a small addition *hehe*

i meant at the last bit. whether to go with sabian or keep with my flow and get a zildjian. what series in sabian? - cos that's unventured teritory for me. and some of u guys mention some prices but would be helpful to get a shop name or sumthin :D i won't be back in singapore till i dunno how long and am getting a relative to get it for me
Some of the shops name

1) Ranking sports ( located at bras brasah) same lvl as sweelee.
2) SweeLee music co ( bras brasah)
3) Davis ( penisula shp cte)
4) Luthermusic ( penisula sh cte)
5) Yamaha ( tampines mall/plaza sing)

Along the stretch of luthermusic ( penisula) there a few other shops...selling cymbals too but i cant rem the names..

Hope this helps =)

Ps:gd to c more female drummers arnd!
Re: cymbals

SoundMixPro said:
Hi there,
Too bad you just missed out on Swee Lee Sale where cymbals were going half price.

All the cymbal sets plus the good loose pieces was cheoped by one old man very very early into the sale :(
no way!

did i miss the sale!! i just saw their website - they've got like discounts and crap - i hope those are still on cos i so plan to get something from there!! :(
Re: no way!

ditz88 said:
did i miss the sale!! i just saw their website - they've got like discounts and crap - i hope those are still on cos i so plan to get something from there!! :(

Nevermind Sis..

As long as U have the flame in U to keep drumming, go for it. It doesn't matter if ur cymbals are low quality or high quality. Its those hands, legs co-ordination that matters most. Chops, rudiments, timing, etc, etc..

Thats wats matters most when other musician are looking out in drummers nowadays. U may have the best cymbals in this whole planet and U use them to play/audition but if ur legs/hands skill are nowhere then it'll be very embarassing.

Train up those limbs. Be it using a single pedal or dbl pedal.. It doesn't matter right now.. Get a drum instructor if possible. Have a good drumming buddy that U can share with to discuss each other's weaknesses...

FOOH!!! There's so many things that drummers can share around here and I suggest we make a drummer's convention one fine day...

How about it?
hehe :D thanx for the advice

haha thanx for the advice, shall take it. i do think that way - my cymbals aren't that crap :D lol just that's what i hear from everyone else around me lol.

i use to have a tutor till she ditched me and new zealand for perth with a family lol. and this year i'm just so busy and spending a lot on sports on stuff i don't have enough cash to get a tutor but i might in the summer.

atm, i use tabs to teach myself new beats and play with a stero to get timing and all that.

drumming buddy - hmm.. i've got a couple of friends but all guys and they well as way way better than me - they are the ones i call the natural pros and i'm like a unnatural amateur lol. :oops:

haha drummer's convention - that'd would be fun. if i am in singapore anyways. lol
sigh. since when u can buy paiste set at 600? signiture series!? DREAM ON!! check your stuffs before u give advice to people.
dickyboon said:
sigh. since when u can buy paiste set at 600? signiture series!? DREAM ON!! check your stuffs before u give advice to people.

Hello there Mr. Dickyboon.. Dickhead or watever u are?

I'm sure u r very knowledgable in drumming. If U are, feel free to contribute constructively.

Some of us are not "Pros" or "experience" like U..

U shld understand that some amateur need guidance and advice..

If u think that U have a better advice, please contribute in nicely..

It really shows ur attitude that U like to barge in and comment just becos U think that the threadstarter or the contributer is wrong. That really pisses me off..

So wat if he/she is not knowledgable in cymbals stuffs?

I'm sure U dont want ppl to answer the same way if U were to ask the question right?

The forums are here for us to share not to bombard snide remarks..

Ps: I dedicate my avatar to U mr DickyBoon or watever U are.
Now Now Kids No need for nastiness.

Back to the subject at hand.

You are in New Zealand Right?

Well I'm an Aussie who has been to NZ a few times and have looked around at a few shops over there and they do have a larger range of cymbals than we do here in Singapore. All of these countries currencies are very close and I have found that the price of gears, ESPECIALLY drums is very similar. So don't be afraid to check out the stores over there. I recommend Sabian XS20 cymbals. Good sound for the money.
Now don't worry about people saying that your cymbals sound crappy. If they sound good to you then that is all that matters.

I hope that helps you
Think of cymbals as a lifetime investment. Good cymbals (with proper care) can probably last you something like 10 years or so. So don't rush into getting them. Check out different brands/series of cymbals for yourself, especially the sound. Others may have different sound preferences for cymbals from you. What's most important is you've got to be satisfied with the sound.

I'm still saving and keeping a look out for good deals for Sabian cymbals. Heard good things about the Sabian hand-hammereds :D

Yeah! We should do some drum exchange sometime. Exchange drumming ideas and such. I'd bet I can learn a lot from you guys :)
some replies - i love getting your contributions way cool :D

mel80 - yea i know what u mean about the lifetime investment, personally i have no problem with my zxt's. i don't really use my cymbals in public except for church gigs and stuff so i'm sweet with that. so after much thinkin - i'm just gonna get a new cymbal to add on to my kit and it'll more than likely be a sabian b8 pro or xs20 if i can find some.

boogieman - yup i'm in nz and i have been to the nz music stores heaps lol. there is a price difference i feel. althought yes the nz range is way way bigger. at one stage when i was deciding what kit to get, i was at the rock shop every week lol till i settled for a second hand one lol. and yes i was thinkin of xs20 if i can find some in singapore - do u know where i can get one. swee lee only holds the performance set and i don't think a crash by itself is available.