need advise. squier strat?


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Hi guys!

here is a newbie wanting to learn electric guitar. only played acoustic guitars before and desperately need help:confused:

i'm interested in a squier california strat with maple fretboard and marshall micro amps.

what do you guys think?

any recommendation on where to get them at the best available price?
or any recommendation on other value model since i'm on a tight budget:(


the Squier's good. do reconsider the Marshall Micro amp which is more novelty than a really useful device. if you can spare $100 for the amp, there are some worthy units out there. i recently bought this one for less than the aforementioned amount:

hi subversion. thanks for the advice!

but do you know any shop selling a good price of the strat guitar?

sweelee is the official dealer, but i think it's quite expensive there. the staff told me that the standard version could cost around $400-500. i thought it's only around 200?
the Squier Affinity models are much more affordable. there's one @ Swee Lee listing for $280.

otherwise, SV Guitars has this Squier listing for $199...
i see. but i prefer maple fretboard.

do you know any good shop selling second-hand guitars? since i'm only a beginner, i think i dun need to buy brand new one and could save more on the cost.

Sv guitars or standard value really have the lowest prices especially for squiers and fenders. For amps you can try davis guitars. They have some low- watt amps might be cheap.
I've just spotted another brand of guitar. Timbre.

It's cheaper and also comes in packages. and i have heard review by ppl that this brand sound just like squier and even better. (some say squier is expensive because of its brand only) is it true?

which one do you guys recommend for beginner like me?

how about their re-sale value?
just went down to tour around peninsula area this afternoon.

the result is i'm in deeper lost than ever.

There are now more brand to choose from. Those shops recommended me a few other brands that are good for beginners. Smash, Acepro, SX, I.Suzuki.

From all of those, smash has the best sound although, it is the most expensive one. while the SX has the lowest price tag and comes in packages. I.Suzuki has my fave les paul custom black model and Acepro also sounded well.