SOLD Fender American Standard Stratocaster (with a ton of upgrades)

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2009 Fender American Standard Stratocaster (with a ton of upgrades)

Wanted to hold on to this guitar for sentimental value but decided to let it go as I haven’t played it in awhile and have since lost interest in hobby.

These are the upgrades done:

Dimarzio Area 61 neck pickup
Dimarzio Area 67 middle pickup
Manlius Asphalt bridge pickup

Basically the neck and middle pickups are the best hum cancelling Strat-style pickups Dimarzio has to offer, and the bridge pickup is a boutique style high output pickup for all your high gain needs. Basically this guitar embodies a versatile tonal palette similar to the likes of the more expensive Suhrs / Tyler strats that are able to cover most genres ranging from blues to hard rock and metal.

Strap buttons have been changed to Dunlop strap locks. Original Fender strap with the locking end will be given as well.

Pots have been changed to 250k CTS pots and a oil cap that improves the tone and volume roll off. To my understanding, this is superior to the usual orange caps upgrade that’s done by most guitar techs.

The neck has been changed to 2016 Fender Deluxe Series Stratocaster NECK Strat 12" Radius 6105 Frets Rosewood specs, which means effortless playability due to jumbo frets and and a flatter fingerboard. Suitable for all your shred style finger gymnastics. The neck was changed about a year ago and barely played at all, never jammed or gigged, so fret life should be almost like new.

Tuners have been changed to the original Fender style locking tuners that are usually only found on the more expensive American Deluxe / Elite models.

All in all, these upgrades easily cost me more than 1000 but I’m letting go of this guitar go for a mere fraction of what I paid for the upgrades and of course what I paid for the actual guitar itself.

Guitar has been set up for 9s, but I haven’t played it in a long time so it needs a good clean and set up, which I’ve reflected in the price accordingly. Comes with the original Fender SKB hardcase.

Willing to negotiate slightly with less fussy buyers able to deal quickly at my convenience. Not looking for trades. Feel free to offer but any ridiculous offers will be ignored.

SMS or WhatsApp me at 9338 nine 6 9 8. Do not PM.
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