Need advice for PUs for S-S-Hum


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Dear gurus,

Can you advise me on what pickups to get for my guitar?

It's an Ibanez Roadstar II with the following specs:

Basswood Body
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
Edge (Floyd Rose) Bridge
S-S-Hum Config

I'm looking for something versatile and stra sounding and highout for the bridge so tat i can chug chug

Locally, Dimarzio and Seymor Duncans PU rates the top of list. The type of sound you need to correspond to the different models available.

Othe brands are not easy to come by and price high, models limited.
Wat should i get then? As in wat models to get?

As i am a lefty, is there anything i need to look out for?

Thinking of getting Vintage flats with a JB or 59 at the bridge.

Will tat match? Wat kind of pots should i get also haha

tHAnx -)
JB 59 is a tried and tested combination. Many people use it. As for pots, stick with 250k if you're for a warmer tone, brighter and more open, go for 500k or more.
if you wish to keep things stratty, the single coils should remain there. of course, swap to whatever preference brand you desire. the '59 in the bridge is a good match for the single coils, but it's by no means a hot unit. if you wish for a slightly hotter combo with a dash of vintage vibe, i'd recommend the following Duncans:

*Single coil: SSL-3
*Humbucker: Custom Custom

still want more punch? then try:

*Single coil: Quarter Pound
*Humbucker: Distortion

if you give up on single coils already, then turn it into a H-H-H guitar like my Ibanez here:
icic hmmz i never hear a sound of a JB or 59 before...

Do they sound good on a strat?


Thanx for yr advice!
yes they do but they are humbucking. IMO if it's a Fender, it should at least have single coils in there...
Wellz My is an Ibanez =)

Wanna make it sound abit Statish and have a nice tight solo tone at the bridge =)

Wat should I get?

Seymour Duncan?


Bill Lawrence?
pooo said:
JB 59 is a tried and tested combination. Many people use it. As for pots, stick with 250k if you're for a warmer tone, brighter and more open, go for 500k or more.

Sorry but. whats the 500k and 250k about? Can teach me?

So i just go to the guy if i wanna change my pickups and say., 250k or 500k? Whats it about? o_O?
500K and 250K are the pots (Volume and Tone controls) for the guitar

Correct me if i'm wrong but 250K is mostly used for single coils and 500k is used for humbuckers =)

Confused. =/

The peeps changing the pickup will know what to do right? They wont ask me like what k i want? Lol sorry im quite blur
Hello Subversion
remember your RG's white neck pu is SD little 59... rite? How do u compare that to the full-sized 59 humbucker in terms of output, fatness, and whether it matches that of a full-sized 59 bridge humbucker in terms of output and fatness( meaning SD lil59 on neck, SD full-sized humbucker on bridge)?

Thanks bro, and happy lunar new year!
Strattish on the bridge? The bill lawrence L500 even made my les paul sound strattish. I highly reccommend that. Though it may be a bit bright for the lighter bodied RG.

So now my options are:

SSL-2 Vintage Flats Neck
SSL-2 Vintage Flats Middle
59 or JB for bridge

SSL-3 Hot Neck
SSL-3 Hot Middle
Custom Custom Bridge

Bill Lawrence 280SN Neck
Bill Lawrence 280SM Mid
Bill Lawrence 500L Bridge

How would the BL fair against the SD?

Never tried the SD in the bridge position but I have the 59 on my LP's neck and it can do this fat PAF crunch quite easily.
I will go for this as I'm a dimarzio fan

neck-blue velvet
middle-blue velvet reverse polarity
bridge-PAF PRO

tone-250K (push pull to split bridge for single coil mode and hum-cancelling in the 4 position).

I find this set up extremely versatile. The combination of 250 and 500 will balance up the singles and the buckers nicely.